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Why not? It's ok! Because they are a different set of people who want to do their own stuff.
They also have their own set of views just like us. It should be legalized in India as well.
I feel like the only rule is freedom and everyone has the right to marry and select their own partner.
If there are gay marriages in India, we can also control the population.
You do not know who you fall in love with or get attached to.
They are alot of people who are still in the closet but many of them showed up at the pride parade so it should definitely be legalized in India.
There's no problem in being an homosexual in any part of the world, cause it depends on per person on their sexuality in the end.
Gays marriages aren't as abnormal as people think it is.
They have feelings too
There are many stereotypical people in India which will make it hard for gay marriages to be legalized here.
If in America, then why not in India. Gay relationships have been present in earlier Hindu mythology and it's not something that's just become popular.
If you want India to be a super-nation, you have to be open to any changes
Gay marriages should be legalized in India!
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369 Folder Collection
羅紹桀 published on June 13, 2016
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