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Good morning.
I have to say I slept splendidly.
Granted not long, but just deeply and well.
I'm not surprised.
A well-known folk cure for insomnia...
. to break into your neighbor's apartment and clean.
You think?
Granted, my methods may have been somewhat unorthodox...
. ..but the end result will be a measurable enhancement. . .
. Penny's quality of life.
You've convinced me, maybe we should sneak in and shampoo her carpet.
-You don't think that crosses a line? -Yes.
For God's sake, Sheldon...
. I have to hold up a sarcasm sign every time I open my mouth?
You have a sarcasm sign?
No, I do not have a sarcasm sign.
You want some cereal?
I feel so good today, I'm gonna choose from the low-fiber end of the shelf.
Hello, Honey Puffs.
PENNY: Son of a bitch!
Penny's up.
PENNY: You sick, geeky bastards!
How did she know it was us?
I may have left a suggested organizational schematic...
. ..for her bedroom closet.
PENNY: Leonard?
This is gonna be bad.
Goodbye, Honey Puffs. Hello, Big Bran.
You came into my apartment while I was sleeping?
Yes, but only to clean.
Really more to organize, you're not actually dirty, per se.
Give me back my key.
I'm very, very sorry.
Do you understand how creepy this is?
Yes, we discussed it at length last night.
In my apartment? While I was sleeping?
And snoring. And that's probably just a sinus infection.
But it could be sleep apnea. You might wanna see an otorhinolaryngologist.
The throat doctor.
And what kind of doctor removes shoes from asses?
Depending on the depth.. .
. ..that's either a proctologist, or a general surgeon.
-God! -Okay, look. No, Penny--
I think what you're feeling is valid and maybe later today. . .
. ..when you're feeling less, for lack of a better word, violated...
. ..maybe we can talk about this.
-Stay away from me. -Sure. That's another way to go.
Penny, Penny, hold on.
Just to clarify. . .
. ..because there will be a discussion when you leave.
Is your objection solely to our presence in the apartment while you were sleeping. ..
. ..or do you also object to the imposition of a new organizational paradigm?
Well, that was a little non-responsive.
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Sarcasm Sign - The Big Bang Theory HD

1226 Folder Collection
怡蕙 published on June 11, 2016
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