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  • Even after you leave our classrooms and say farewell to your professors

  • I hope that you will continue to carry inside of you

  • not just the memories of your time here

  • but other features of our world of inquiry and discovery

  • not just in relationship to your chosen fields

  • but for your life in general

  • You have earned your degree

  • but your education has just begun

  • What it means to me, to be a UCI graduate

  • is that I have a wonderful

  • four years of education, but really what I learned is that

  • a quality education, doesn't stop

  • on the day of graduation

  • and that being an anteater

  • means being an anteater for life

  • and continuing to learn and continuing to grow

  • and continuing to challenge yourself

  • This is a great school and if you have the opportunity to come here

  • it's so special

  • and so rewarding

  • Being a UCI grad, means a lot to me

  • First in my immediate family

  • So hoping to start a legacy

  • Really proud to be a UCI graduate

  • I feel like we're a great school

  • and we're going to go to great places

  • Class of 2015

  • we will be the leaders, who bring out the best in others

  • by demanding it from ourselves

  • Be passionate

  • Be relentless

  • and be confident in your ability to succeed

  • In recognition

  • of your new status,

  • bachelors, turn your tassels

  • [cheering]

  • Plans for the future, you know

  • I'm working now as an engineer

  • So I'm going to keep that going

  • I've been working since a month ago so

  • we'll see how that goes

  • UCI, is

  • a place of diversity and acceptance and

  • there's a lot of different people here, so it's a very

  • open and accepting community

  • The most memorable experience I had at UCI

  • was probably being a part of the cross country and track team

  • for three-years

  • I made a lot of good memories and a lot of good friends so that was the best part

  • I hope that when you reflect back on your time here

  • you will think of UCI, as a place

  • not only where you aquired specific

  • depth knowledge in the fields that you cared most about

  • but more generally as a place that cultivated and enriched

  • both your mind and your spirit

  • and as having prepared you for your ongoing development as a

  • free

  • and educated human being

  • UCI, class of 2015

  • Zot, zot, zot!

  • [cheering]

Even after you leave our classrooms and say farewell to your professors

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A2 continuing education graduate cheering cross country quality education

Commencement 2015 - UC Irvine

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