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Even after you leave our classrooms and say farewell to your professors
I hope that you will continue to carry inside of you
not just the memories of your time here
but other features of our world of inquiry and discovery
not just in relationship to your chosen fields
but for your life in general
You have earned your degree
but your education has just begun
What it means to me, to be a UCI graduate
is that I have a wonderful
four years of education, but really what I learned is that
a quality education, doesn't stop
on the day of graduation
and that being an anteater
means being an anteater for life
and continuing to learn and continuing to grow
and continuing to challenge yourself
This is a great school and if you have the opportunity to come here
it's so special
and so rewarding
Being a UCI grad, means a lot to me
First in my immediate family
So hoping to start a legacy
Really proud to be a UCI graduate
I feel like we're a great school
and we're going to go to great places
Class of 2015
we will be the leaders, who bring out the best in others
by demanding it from ourselves
Be passionate
Be relentless
and be confident in your ability to succeed
In recognition
of your new status,
bachelors, turn your tassels
Plans for the future, you know
I'm working now as an engineer
So I'm going to keep that going
I've been working since a month ago so
we'll see how that goes
UCI, is
a place of diversity and acceptance and
there's a lot of different people here, so it's a very
open and accepting community
The most memorable experience I had at UCI
was probably being a part of the cross country and track team
for three-years
I made a lot of good memories and a lot of good friends so that was the best part
I hope that when you reflect back on your time here
you will think of UCI, as a place
not only where you aquired specific
depth knowledge in the fields that you cared most about
but more generally as a place that cultivated and enriched
both your mind and your spirit
and as having prepared you for your ongoing development as a
and educated human being
UCI, class of 2015
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Commencement 2015 - UC Irvine

311 Folder Collection
Jhu Kuan Kuan published on June 10, 2016
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