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Hi, Everyone!
My name is Kyle, and I'm here
To talk about A Midsummer Night's Dream
One of Shakespeare's most well known,
and well received comedies.
It's a tale of love, magic, and wacky misunderstandings
and a bit of beastiality...
This play has a lot going on, which coupled with
Shakespeare's heightened language can be...
My goal is to simplify things for you
Let's get started!
Now, Midsummer has oodles of characters,
but for brevity's sake, here are the only ones
you really need to care about
First are the four young Athenian lovers
All full of hormones, and feelings
and poor life choices.
There's the handsome Lysander,
The suave Demetrius,
The beautiful Hermia...
and Helena.
Hermia and Lysander are madly in love,
but Hermia's father isn't on board,
as he's already arranged for her to marry Demetrius
who, of course, is also wildly in love with her.
Helena, meanwhile, is obsessively
in love with Demetrius
but, sadly, nobody loves Helena.
Next we have the faries
living in a forest outside of Athens.
There's the fairy queen, Titania,
with her many loyal servants,
And the fairy king, Oberon,
with his one obnoxious sidekick, Puck.
The fairy king and queen once ruled together,
but have recently split up after what is essentially
a custody dispute over a small human child.
and finally, we have the Mechanicals
a group of blue-collar workers who have formed
a small theatre troup set to perform a play at the
wedding of the future Duke and Duchess of Athens.
For our purposes, the only one worth mentioning
is Nick Bottom.
A weaver, and a pompous dunce
who plays the lead role in the troupe's production
but we'll get to him later.
Are you ready for this?
Because I'm not sure I am...
*deep inhale*
Hermia disregards her father's wishes
and runs off to elope with lysander
Demetrius, having lost his would be wife,
chases after them, and Helena
being her desperate self, comes along for the ride
and before long
the four naive lovers find themselves lost in the woods
Meanwhile, Oberon, seeking petty revenge
instructs puck to enchant Titania
with a love potion that will make her
fall head over heels for the first thing
she lays eyes on.
Then, feeling pity after witnessing Helena's
failed attempts at courtship,
he orders Puck to enchant Demetrius as well.
Here's where the fun starts.
First, Puck goes to pour
pour some love juice on Demetrius, but
Since he doesn't actually know
what Demetrius looks like, he accidentally
who forgets Hermia exists, and becomes
instantly smitten with Helena.
Then, attempting to fix Puck's mistake,
Oberon enchants Demetrius as well,
meaning that both men have now fallen in love
with the once loveless Helena
Unfortunately, this leads to an insulted Helena
believing that the men have joined forces to mock her,
a furious, and love stricken Lysander and Demetrius
ready to fight to the death for Helena's hand,
and a jealous and heart broken Hermia
prepared to gouge Helena's eyes out.
So yeah...
Things didn't really go according to plan.
On the other hand, phase two of Oberon's scheme
goes off without a hitch
when Titanis wakes up, and becomes infatuated
with Bottom the Weaver
Who, by the way...
Now has the head of a donkey thanks to Puck.
That happens.
Hijinks are had, laughs are shared
and Oberon runs of with the child.
Mission Accomplished!
Still, there is the problem of the Athenian lovers
all trying to murder each other.
First there's Lysander and Demetrius,
which Puck solves by disguising his voice
and drawing the two men as far away
from each other as possible.
Then, there's Helena and Hermia which Helena solves
by being a coward, and running away.
Satisfied with the results of his scheme,
and tired of dealing with the Athenians
Oberon puts everyone to sleep,
restores Bottom to his normal form
and ensures that the Athenian lovers
are all with their proper mates.
The play concludes with the wedding of
the two couples, along with the Duke and Duchess
Followed by a hilarious farcical play within a play
performed by the mechanicals,
and topped off with a wonderful speech
delivered to the audience by Puck...
*gasps for air*
And that about covers it.
Hopefully, when you go to read the play
and you WILL read it.
You'll be able to use this video to help
keep track of what's what.
Thanks for watching,
and let me know what other plays
you'd like to see abridged.
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A Midsummer Night's Dream: Abridged

1218 Folder Collection
姚易辰 published on June 10, 2016
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