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  • Welcome to HOW TO COOK THAT I'm Ann Reardon and today we are making freakshakes Part 2

  • where we make these crazy over the top shakes. In part I I showed you how to make freakshakes

  • from cafe Patissez in Australia. Well now Black Tap in NYC has taken that idea to a

  • whole new level. People are queueing up for four hours to get one of these milk shakes!

  • To make your own crazy cookie shake take some vanilla ganache - you make this by pouring

  • hot cream over white chocolate. Stir it up then leave it overnight to cool. I'll put

  • all the recipe quantities on the website for you and I'll link to that below.

  • Spread a generous amount around the top of the glass. And then roll it in some crushed

  • up chocolate chip cookies. I am using home made cookies but you can use store bought

  • if you prefer.

  • Stand your glass up and add extra chocolate chips into the gaps. For these shakes it really

  • helps if you use tall beer glasses so it looks like the decoration around the top is piled

  • on top of the shake.

  • Put some cream and vanilla into a bowl and whip it together until you get stiff peaks.

  • You don't want to overwhip the cream or you'll get butter so just keep turning it off and

  • on and checking what it looks like.

  • To make the vanilla shake, put some icecream, milk and vanilla into a blender and whip that

  • together lightly.

  • Take some milk chocolate ganache and add it around the inside of the glass. Then pour

  • in the vanilla milkshake not quite to the top.

  • Add a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream on top then squash another scoop between two

  • of those yummy chocolate chip cookies, I'll put the recipe for these on the freakshake

  • post as well.

  • Pipe some cream on top of your shake and then add the ice cream sandwich, we're a little

  • bit too full there, don't add quite so much milk.

  • Then drizzle the top with melted chocolate and add a couple of straws. And see how having

  • the tall glass looks like you've piled a lot on top.

  • For our cotton candy shake spread a thick layer of vanilla ganache around the outside

  • of the glass. Then add a mixture of pink, white and blue sixlets over the ganache. These

  • are just chocolate filled candies.

  • Drizzle some strawberry and blueberry ice cream topping down the inside of the glass

  • and then fill that with vanilla milkshake.

  • Add two scoops of vanilla ice cream to the top.

  • And then top that with a lollipop, a big one of course, and blue and pink sugar sticks

  • and cotton candy on top of that. How good does that look, every kid's dream to have

  • a milkshake like this!

  • For our red velvet shake cover the top of the glass with chocolate buttercream, again

  • I'll put that recipe on the website. Then add a generous amount of Hershey's kisses

  • all over the frosting, and this is one of my favourite looking ones.

  • Take some red m&m's and add them in the gaps all the way around the glass.

  • And then place some ice cream, ganache and milk into the blender and whip that together.

  • Pour it into the glass. And then top that with ice cream ... a little whipped cream.

  • Then add a couple of straws to one side and place a slice of red velvet cake on top.

  • Absolute indulgence in a glass.

  • For the salty and sweet peanut butter pretzel shake.

  • Take a large pretzel and drizzle it with melted chocolate. Now let me know in the comments,

  • if you were to make your own freakshake what would be in it? What flavours would it be,

  • what would be on top of it?

  • And then sprinkle that with mini m&m's and leave it to set.

  • Spread the lower area with chocolate buttercream and then around the top with that salty peanut

  • butter so we've got that salty sweet combination. Add some peanut butter cups and some colourful

  • m&m's around the glass, you can prepare this ahead and store the glasses in the fridge.

  • Fill it with vanilla milkshake nearly to the top. And then add your ice cream, pipe whipped

  • cream over that. Add a pretzel stick, and a couple of straws

  • Add your m&m coated pretzel Pipe a bit of extra cream on top

  • poke in some peanut brittle And then finish it with a drizzle with melted

  • chocolate

  • Which one would you want to order, let me know in the comments below.

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Welcome to HOW TO COOK THAT I'm Ann Reardon and today we are making freakshakes Part 2

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