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Got barely any battery
*whispers* This needs to come down a little bit
Huuuh Ohhh
My battery's running out!
Hell no!
I have one here, but what are the chances that this is also dead
Let's find out
Let's get the show on the frickin' motherfrickin' road
Hello everybody! Welcome back to my channel
*Phone rings*
That's my phone, let me turn it off
*phone rings*
Shut up, man!
Today I am gonna be chatting you through my May favourites.
And it actually...
kind of scares me
how quickly this year has gone already
I don't know if it's just because I'm more busy
than like ever
or because...
I'm getting older, like what's the deal here
I don't know, but it's terrifying.
I've got quite the selection of things to get through for you, as always
and... So I'm gonna get started.
First thing I'm gonna show you
is a little bit of shameless self-promo
and it is the Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations raaange!
If you are subscribed to my 2nd channel you may have already seen that
I posted a video chatting you through all the new items
that have come out for Zoella Beauty this month.
They are now available online,
oh! So nearly dropped that on Nala,
on Superdrug and Feel Unique website
and they will be in store
from next week, the 6th of June.
So there you go. I'm not gonna chat too much about them
because I have done a whole video
chatting you through each product.
So I will make sure I leave that in the description box
so make sure you go on over and check it out!
And if you've ordered anything already, and it's arrived
and you've tried it, please let me know what you think.
I am just super excited about it.
The next thing, which is quite a new thing that I've been enjoying
is this which is the Anastasia Beverly Hills,
or Anastasia, I'm not really too sure
a lot of people say it differently,
contour kit light to medium.
And this is the powder contour kit.
I believe there is one that is the cream one also
but this is the one I have been loving.
I haven't really used the highlight shades
because it's very very subtle, and...
I'm not about that subtle highlight life.
I like to really full-on go for it
and these just don't...
they're not as full-on as I would like them.
But if you like to highlight more for shape rather than like a sheen,
I think you'll like these.
However, the thing that I've been using are
these 3 countour shades because they are perfect.
You've got a really good variation of different brown shades.
They are all matte and I just find countouring with these
an absolute dream with my little Charlotte Tilbury counter brush.
And I've been really enjoying it,
I think the colour I use the most is the one in the middle.
I feel like it's the most ashy.
I have been really throughly enjoying using this palette.
I've got it on...
Cult Beauty!
The next thing I've used a lot this month is this!
I was in the shop and I was picking up the...
It's the liquid version of this.
The make-up remover, I was picking that up
and I also have the oil as well which I really really like too,
and it was three for two
so I bought all three in the range including this.
And it is the Camomile sumptuous cleansing butter
with community fair trade camomille, all skin types.
It doesn't really feel like a balm,
it definitely feels
as i- as I've just said:
it feels like a butter.
I really want to stick my hand in it but I really don't.
You can kind of see where I've like...
goutge it out.
It smells so fresh and subtle and gorgeous, and...
I just find this really easy to use.
I mostly use it as a 2nd cleanse,
so once I've already removed all my make up with an oil
I will then use this to just cleanse my skin.
But also,
it does work really well as make-up remover too.
And I don't feel like I'm really tugging in my eyes, I don't feel like...
it's difficult to use,
so I would highly, highly recommend this.
The actual consistency of it is what I think makes me love it so much
because, as it says on here, it's like a butter and it's...
It's really not a consistency of any product I've used before
and it's just feel really indulgent and soft.
It leaves my skin feeling so soft.
And you almost just wanna be like, oh.
Never touch your skin with you hands.
Hands dirty, face clean: not a great mixture.
But my skin was really really soft.
It's really inexpensive, really easy to get hold of,
and I also feel like it's a really good amount.
Like, this is pretty compact for travel.
It's not as big and bulky as my Emma Hardie balm.
Perfect for travel, really easy to use, really easy to wipe away,
leaves your skin feeling amazing and it's for all skin types.
I have 2 Body Shop favourites in this month's video.
The next thing is this!
Now this is a new range by the Body Shop,
and I was possibly the most excited for this scent than
I have been for a Body Shop release since the Mojito range.
And it is the Body Shop Piñita Colada Fresh Body Sorbet
with pineapple and coconut extracts from the Caribbean.
I frickin' love
pineapple scents and coconut scents,
especially in summer.
Coconut scent just remind me of summer because of
suntan lotions and just
being in the sun and going on holiday.
So when this came out I was so excited because it is one of my favourite scents.
Oh, it smells like a Piña Colada
and if you like Piña Coladas
and getting caught in the rain, you're gonna freaking love this.
Sorry, I had to, I had to.
The sorbet, I have actually put in a favourites before quite a while ago,
so sorbet is a really different feel to a normal moisturiser:
it's light, it's fresh,
it feels cooling on the skin,
it still moisturizes but it does it in what I feel is a different way.
If you have really really dry skin,
I just don't think you're gonna like this.
If you like to just kind of top up with moisturizer
and moisturising your body is a bit of a chore,
I know there's so many of you out there that are gonna agree with me that is is
because I frickin' hate moisturising my body,
this will be your new best friend
because it doesn't have that same feeling as a moisturiser,
as like a lotion or a butter.
It's really lite and it's really fresh, and it sinks in super quickly,
but I don't think it gives the same feeling of moisturising as a lotion or a butter.
So it completely depends on the sort of thing you like.
I know so many people who probably wouldn't like this because they love that feeling of
their skin feeling really quenched and hydrated.
Next thing I have been loving are these.
These are the Barry M. Molten Metal nail paints.
The one I've actually had on my nails I can't find
because I've obviously been applying it and leaving it around the house.
But this is a new editioned Barry M., I haven't seen this before.
And they are so beautiful, and they literally look like molten metal on your nails.
I love them.
There's this gold one and this one which is sort of really deep copper.
And then there's one that's more of a rose gold, which is the one I have been wearing on my nails.
I really like Barry M.'s formulation.
They don't last as long as some other kind of more expensive formulations of nail polish,
like OPI or Essie.
But for the price, which is flipping good, really inexpensive,
these are brilliant.
Like, you just can't go wrong with the Barry M. nail polish
and now they have molten metal shades.
I'm just so happy, I love these.
Next up is the NYX Liquid Swede.
Now, you guys know that I found a NYX counter or N-Y-X counter in my local Boots and it was huge,
and the next time I went in it was like bees around a honeypot.
There were so many people around the NYX counter that I was like, oh, crap, it's all gonna be gone, damn it.
But I managed to like, wingle my wa-, wangle my way in? Wingle my way in? Weave my way in?
What did I way in?
I managed to wiggle my way in... maybe?
I think that's what I'm going for.
And I noticed that they had a line of these.
These are the NYX Liquid Swedes.
Essentially, a liquid lipstick.
Now, you guys know how much I love my Colourpop liquid lipsticks.
I have actually ordered some Kylie Jenner ones,
but I ordered them in April and I still don't have them
so I don't really know what's happened there.
So I can't compare them to the Kylie Jenner liquid lipsticks
but I flippin' love a liquid lipstick so it was only common sense to try these ones.
I really love the consistency of these, they go on really creamy but they set quite matte
and they don't feel heavy or really dry on your lips,
which I think is one thing that possibly puts quite a lot of people off of a liquid lipstick
because they do kind of crack and they are quite heavy
and I just feel like this is not heavy at all and I think it's the formulation,
so it's says it's a cream lipstick rather than a liquid lipstick.
But it still has that same matte effect, and I can still layer it and it doesn't crack off,
and it comes off nicely and it wears nicely, and I really like the colour.
So I've got it on now and it is the colour 07.
Moving on to food!
I have quite a lot of food in this one.
I don't normally but I appear to have collected a little pile of things.
I've got my really not that healthy to my a lot healthier.
Bounties! I feel like there's a bit of a coconut vibe going on in this video.
I've always loved bounties. It's just that my love for them has been rekindled.
For any of you that are watching and you don't know what a Bounty is,
it's essentially really creamy coconut with a chocolate shell.
That's it really. It's a bar of coconut with chocolate on it
and I've been obsessed with them so I just thought I would put them in this video.
Another thing I've been obsessed with are these
and they are McVities Digestives nibbles.
These are the caramel ones, but they also have dark chocolate, double chocolate and milk chocolate
and it's really lame that I know that, isn't it?
And that just goes to show how many bags of these I've eaten in the last month.
They're essentially little balls of digestive biscuit with the coating around the outside
but they're so easy to eat. You just sat there and you just pop one in, pop one in.
It's not like eating a biscuit.
It doesn't make as much mess, there are no crumbs in the bed, which everyone hates crumbs in the bed,
and they're just, I don't know, genius, I love them.
Slightly healthier, I really like these.
These are the Urban Fruit just fruit, gently baked Perfect Pineapple.
No messing.
So these are just pineapples, just the pineapples with the sprinkling of rice flour to prevent stickiness.
Little bits of pineapple.
There is a lot of pineapple and coconut in this video.
We got some of these in Sourcedbox last month, so I reordered them.
Slightly healthier than a Bounty.
I also have been really enjoying toasted coconut chips.
These ones are with sea salt, but I don't know, I've just been really obsessed with coconut this month.
Can I just say coconut?
My main favourite is coconut.
Really nice again, great as a snack anytime a day, healthy, delicious, not if you don't like coconut though.
Two other things I have been loving before I end the video.
The first one is Zara.
I love Zara, it's a great shop.
They always have some great things in there, but at the moment it is jam packed with too many things
that I really want to buy.
So I just thought I'd mention that to you because
there's always that kind of awkward time in shops where there's a bit of like,
autumney-wintery and there are like, bikinis.
And it's kind of like, uh, I don't really know if I wanna be buying for like, winter
or if I wanna be buying for spring and summer,
and you guys aren't making it any easier here,
but I feel like Zara has got it spot on.
There are just some really amazing things in there.
And I've had a few shops in there recently.
This top is actually from Zara, it's really pretty, I like it.
And the last thing I wanna chat to you about is an app
that I am super obsessed with, what's it actually called?
I think it's just called 1 Second Everyday.
Yes, so it's called 1 Second Everyday and it's an app that my friend Maddie introduced me to
about four weeks ago.
And you basically record a second every single day
and you upload it into this app and it kind of plays it through for you.
Kind of like a visual diary and I really like that it only captures 1 second out of a whole day.
Even though I do things like vlogging and snapchat and everything else that documents my life,
it's quite nice to just have all these little tiny snippets of a day,
and I'm super excited after a year to watch it back and I'm thinking of even making it into a video
at the end of the year or something just for you guys to watch, put it to a little bit of music
and it's also just a really nice diary, really.
So I'm really, really enjoying that app, I do it every single day, I haven't missed a day yet
and it's been like four weeks, four and a half weeks and I'm really proud of myself
because I can never normally keep things like this up and I have.
I will leave links to everything I have mentioned in the description box.
Thank you so much for watching.
As always, I love you guys a lot, a lot, a lot
and let me know what you've been loving this month,
let me know if you've purchased anything in the Sweet Inspirations Range
I will see you again very very soon!
Oh, give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, as always, it makes me happy, thank you.
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May Favourites 2016 | Zoella

1261 Folder Collection
Lexie published on June 8, 2016
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