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My favorite Laker player is Kobe. [laughs] You can’t get out the car!
Are you not entertained? Do you not recognize what I’ve done as a Laker?
What’s up everybody, this is Shaq, we’re in Atlanta. This is Undercover Lyft
and I am the big Glowstache.
-My name is Charles. -Nice to meet you Charles. I’m Saika.
-Know what I do? -What do you do?
-Make bracelets. -You make bracelets?
-Yeah. Know what this called? -What’s that called?
It’s called the steam room. ‘Cause if you look inside you can see the steam, see?
-My name is Pierre. -Hey Pierre.
-I am from France. -Angela.
-Tu parles francais? -Speak no French.
-How are you? -Good, I’m Heather.
My name’s Goose. My real job is I’m a cop. I’m off duty right now but I still
keep my eye out for stuff. Look at this. Illegal u-turn in the middle
of the street. Lucky I ain’t got my badge, lady.
-Whattup cuz! -What’s going on?
-Where you from? -I am from Brazil.
-I went there one time for a singing competition. -Singing?
I don’t know this song.
-Like basketball? -I recently got into basketball because of
the Hawks. Cawh, Ahw.
I had a friend who was a Hawks fan. You know what that is right? That’s a dead hawk.
A dead hawk?
-I don’t know a thing about basketball. -Nothing?
Nothing. You know about free throws?
Spread your fingers out. And then follow through. Watch your nails. Don’t want you to throw your nails off.
Do it 10 times. Three… again. Four…
You know what? You just learned from the greatest free throw coach of all time.
I wanna play ball but I run funny. My pants get stuck in my butt.
You look like the basketball type. Like you can get down on the court a little bit.
Nah, mon. I had hoop dreams but they didn’t work out.
-Did you chase ‘em? -You know, I used to chase trains when I was little.
You… chased trains?
-Used to chase trains. -You got a pretty… pretty rich backstory.
-Who’s your favorite basketball player? -I gotta stick with Dikembe, I mean.
-No, no, no. -No, no, no.
-He blocked everybody’s shot? -Mmhm.
-Nobody ever dunked it in his face? -Not that I saw.
Huh. Not that you saw.
-My favorite movie. Kazaam. -Kazaam? It’s a movie… It’s a good…
No, no. It’s everybody’s favorite movie.
Can you rap? Let me hear freestyle. I’ma give you a beatbox.
-Ready? -[Rapping] Rollin’ my Lyft with my rasta.
-We don’t eat pasta. We washin’ our cars. Stop. That’s terrible, man.
I mean, let’s see yours, though. I’m good, Drake.
[rapping] Je ne sais pas ‘cause I don’t know, ‘cause I’m from France and yo, yo, yo.
[singing] Vigilante she’s a renegade. Brave, but deep inside she’s afraid she’ll never
let it be known. Steam room. Donuts.
[singing] Ahhhhhhhh.
Man, I’m wondering if you are Shaquille O'Neal
now, man. No, man. Stop it!
My beard is itching. Ah. Do I look familiar to you?
Oh my gosh.
You ever see my face before? Oh my god! Ah!
It’s me!
I had a feeling.
No you didn’t!
I didn’t know it was you at all.
I kinda figured it out. Like early on, when I saw your wig, sir.
I just lyfted with Shaquille O’Neal guys.
-Did you not know it was me, for real? -I really didn’t.
I’m about to brag to everybody today, watch.
I’ve come a long way since Kazaam.
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Undercover Lyft with Shaquille O'Neal

15101 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on June 14, 2016
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