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You gain weight?
Why don't you just slam it on my face?
Why are you here so early?
Early? The sun's getting down!
You think you're in the U.K.? Turn the music down
Your neighbors left you the notes already
Have some consideration will you?
Why do you have to go to Singapore?
You kidding me? This is my new job
Do want me to bring my kid to the meeting?
My boss will sure get mad
What about mom?
Now that's funny
I don't really want to bother you
I know you're not okay
Neither am I
Just once...
I'll call you when I get there
Here. Use this
No. I can do it on my own
Give me a hug
Bye bye
How did you...?
The library's close today
What now? Can you handle this?
I don't know I've never raised a child
Sitting still like a rock
Can you check her out... for me?
- Oh - Is she shocked?
No I'm gay and gay is afraid of children
- Leave it to you - Where are you going?
To bed
I don't have all day!
Where's you mom? When will she come back?
What does she do? How long?
Who do you live with? What if mom doesn't come back?
Come stay with me?
What do you give to her?
Is it work?
It works for me
What about tonight?
I'll throw a party
Aunt Pam!
Aunt Pam I'm thirsty
Aunt Pam!
I miss mom UK love mom
Hello Tid
I'll be late for work
Yes alright
Thank you
She's so into it
Just like... I'll be Van Gogh when I grow up
You guys are okay?
Then I'll go do my job
And please keep quite
Don't make the noise
I said don't make the noise
U... UK!
Don't run. Don't run!
Miss you guys!
- Such a hard-working woman - Here take this
- Thank you - Who's that girl?
- My niece Can you just bring her in here?
- Of course yes. You go take a seat first I'll be right after
- Hello sister! - Hi there!
You know I love children
What's your name?
- UK - UK?
- What is UK? - United Kingdom
Woooo smart girl!
- I learned that on my sixth grade - Clever girl
You're stupid
Grab some tissue because this is so dramatics
What is it? Tell me
Who on earth would just say...
"I used it You know? I used it"
What's that thing?
I'm so cute!
I love my single life
Which one is it?
Have you told him?
I bought you a ticket to the UK already. Pam!
- Hey! Do you see my niece. A little girl. - No I don't
- UK! - Aunt Pam can you grab me my shoe?
What a nuisance
Are you talking about her or me?
How long have you lived here?
Quite a while. 2-3 years
I was in the UK before
just got back
And whom do you live with?
I was with my sister
And your sister is... UK's mother?
But I had not seen you both before
- So what? - Are you a ghost?
Can I touch you?
Yeah you exist
Are you nuts?
Well I'm OK that you're here. I can listen to some weird music every morning
That's not a compliment. Is it?
Thank you again
If there's anything I can do... Please tell me
I'm willing to help
Oh I'm so full. Enough!
Do the dishes
UK I'm leaving. Bye bye
Hi five
Wanna play a bigger toy?
This one...
- The longest one... - Ouch!
Hold this over here
Watch your face
Who wants to use a screwdriver?
What is a screwdriver?
Whose bed is this?
Especially yours
How do like it?
I like it sooooo much
Hello Pam. Can I speak to UK?
What's up?
It's UK's birthday next week remember?
Yes. I know
I don't think I can make it back in time. Use my card and buy her a present will you?
- I'll take care of that - Thank you
I miss mom. UK love mom
Hit it!
Take a deep breath
Who just farted?
I'm watering you! So you grow faster
- I know what you're up to! - What is it?
...and the tree was hap...
- Give myself a big hand - You enjoy it?
You're just faking it
Aunt Pam Why didn't I meet you before?
- Huh?
- Huh?
Well I was...
I was sick back then
and so I...
I went for a cure I went to the doctor
at some other country so far away
And why didn't my mom ever talk about you?
Because you mom was afraid that...
If you knew me you'd like me more than her
What if...
If what?
You can live with me. Will you come?
Um. No
Why is that?
If we miss each other then we can meet
Don't you love me?
Of course I do. Don't you see what we're doing now?
What we're doing?
We're playing toys
- Playing toys together means we love each other? - Uhhuh
- Then we play toys everyday OK? - Uhhuh
Be friends!
Kiss kiss
Call me if you miss me
- I know I know - What?
When we miss each other let's look in a mirror...
a mirror in your house. And make this face
- Remind of you? - Yes remind of me
- You try it - Mom will be amazed
Will she? Let's try
Just a moment
- I have a surprise - What is it?
- I look funny? - Cute
- UK are you helping me? - Yes I am
Pam are you alright? I couldn't reach you
Live at the same place?
Yes the same
And whom are you with?
My niece. Pee's daughter
What's her name? She's so cute
She's UK
Are you free this evening? A dinner maybe?
It's UK's birthday
That's fine
Are you alone here?
No I'm not alone
The rest are waiting up there
Well then excuse me.
Who's that?
- Who's that? - Friend...
- A friend - Friend?
Wow you're so heavy
Aunt Pam I'm hurt
Aunt Pam I'm hurt
Today is your birthday. Are you excited?
- Then we celebrate! - Yeah
What did you with her?
A boat row
Where? A crocodile farm?
Look. She sleeps like a dead body
What is it?
You met "Tum" didn't you?
How do you know?
What on this earth that I don't know?
Haven't you forgotten?
After all the monstrous things he did to you
Looks like he has children too
Are you okay?
Don't think about that kind of man
Well I think...
that one is better
I'm not talking about the girl. THAT
Hell no
Believe me
What on this earth that I don't know?
Don't sneak into someone's room
It's UK's birthday so I bring her a present
I'm sorry...
that I asked you to do "that"
- I didn't have a choice - You made your choice
Forget it
You have some people to take care of
And I have to take care of mine too
Please leave
Hold on
It's just...
Please give this to UK
I'm asking you seriously...
How old is UK?
The hell do you want to know?
Aunt Pam what happened?
- UK's leaving tomorrow? - Yeah
She wants to surprise you
She asked me to have these photos developed
You should see by yourself
Why are you so bothering?
If my music is not too loud...
don't come knocking on my door again
What are you doing?
I called you a hundred times. I thought something bad happened
Have you told him?
I bought you a ticket to the UK already the documents are on the table
And I talked to mom...
You know how she is
Now your job is to do whatever it takes to give birth to a healthy baby
and I will take care of the rest
I should have known where you were
When you still have nobody
Why wasn't it me who met you first
Can I turn back time?
Taking care of you before it's too late
Saying "I love you" before anyone ever did
Mommy love you
If I could turn back time...
Would you love me?
UK! How are you?
- Were you naughty with Aunty? - No I wasn't
Hungry? You should stay for dinner
That's fine. I ate already
Wanna go home?
- Wanna spend a night? - No I bought tickets already
Postpone it. I can pay for that
I have to go back home
Right. Say good bye to Aunt Pam and we'll go home
Good bye Aunt Pam. I have something for you
I stole your camera...
And here...
What a surprise!
You have a present for me!
Take a look first...
Unwrap it
OK then let me see...
That's it!
Thank you very much
- Come to see me some time - Yes
OK! Let's go back home
Mommy will carry your stuffs
Aunt Pam can play with Uncle Best when UK's not around
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หนังสั้น Present Perfect หากว่าย้อนเวลากลับไปได้ [Short Film] (English/Viet Subtitle)ᴴᴰ

12434 Folder Collection
JC published on June 3, 2016
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