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♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪
- (Vincent) Today we're gonna see how well you know '90s anime.
- Oh, no.
- That's not a thing that I know if I know or not.
- I don't even know anime at all.
Like, I barely know what that word means.
- I recently got into animes.
I think I'll know some of them.
- I know anime pretty well.
'90s anime, I'll know, like, Cowboy Bebop.
- My godbrother, who was 14 years old when I was born,
he was really big on '90s anime.
I'd just go back to his room.
We'd play video games or watch '90s anime.
- I got this. I watch anime so much. Oh my god.
♪ (quirky interlude) ♪
- ♪ Fighting evil by moonlight ♪
- I've seen memes of this on Tumblr.
- It looks super familiar.
- Oh, Sailor Moon.
- Oh, this is Sailor Moon.
- (singing along) ♪ She is the one named Sailor Moon ♪
- ♪ Fighting evil by moonlight ♪
♪ Winning love by daylight ♪ - This is, like,
top-quality animation right here.
- ♪ With her Sailor Scouts to help fight ♪
- She's, like, feminist as [bleep].
- She's legit though. Girl power.
- I had the biggest crush on her too, bro, but she's a cartoon.
- It's so cute. It has the '90s charm.
They do, like, the, "Ah."
- That's a show that I've heard everything about
but I've seen, like, half of an episode.
- (Vincent) This theme, do you know it?
- No, I have no idea what it is.
- Something Moon.
- I'm, like, 100% sure that's Sailor Moon.
- Sailor Moon.
-Sailor Moon.
- It's Sailor Moon, obviously.
- (Vincent) This is from the hugely popular Sailor Moon.
- Sailor Moon!
I used to watch it all the time as a kid.
I have it on cassette also.
- I have never heard of that. I've been under a rock apparently.
- Sailor Moon is one of the most popular anime and mangas
of all time, selling over 35 million copies worldwide.
- Well, damn. Is it really that good?
- It's a classic anime,
and I'm pretty sure everyone knows who she is.
- It really appeals to the wide audience that's like,
"We don't have enough female protagonists,"
because there are so many strong female characters in that show.
Just a cool thing to see.
♪ (quirky interlude) ♪
- ♪ Zankoku... ♪
- "Gainax." "Goku"? I heard "Goku."
- (gasps) Evangelion.
- ♪ Shonen yo... ♪
- Is this, like, the story of Jesus Christ?
It's got trees and angel wings.
♪ (uptempo brass music) ♪ - Ooh.
- This is definitely '90s music.
- Yeah, no. I have no idea what this is.
- ♪ Kono sora wo daite... ♪
- Sadly, I don't recognize that giant mechanized robot.
- ♪ ...yo, shinwa ni nare ♪
- This looks dramatic, whatever it is.
- There was a robot, and there was a little boy.
So it's Transformers. I have no clue.
- (Finebros) Do you know it? - No.
- I've heard of it, I feel like. But I don't know it.
- I'm just gonna say Gundam.
- I was gonna go with Gundam, but I don't think it is.
- It's Evangelion.
- (Vincent) This is the opening of Neon Genesis Evangelion.
- It's a long name.
- Not only have I never seen that,
I've never even heard of that.
- I've heard of that. I've never seen it.
- It was a great show. But it's just one of those things
where, like, a little too emo for me.
♪ (quirky interlude) ♪
♪ (heavy metal music) ♪ - Ooh, dragons. I love dragons.
- ♪ (mimicking guitar chords) ♪
- Oh! Dragon Ball Z.
- Dragon Ball Z. Right?
♪ (intense rock music) ♪
- This is my life! Oh my god.
- Super Saiyan.
- This is like the most-- I think the most famous
anime of all time.
- That's a show that I watched 500 episodes of and was like,
"Oh, I'm not even a quarter of the way through.
I'm gonna not finish this."
- (Vincent) This one, do you know it?
- That is Dragon Ball Z?
- Dragon Ball Z.
- Dragon Ball Z!
- Dragon Ball Z was my shit when I was younger.
- (Vincent) The DBZ franchise, though starting decades ago,
is still very popular and known by most teenagers today,
unlike other animes. - It's such a-- it's so awesome.
You can watch an episode and be so hooked
that you have to keep going. It makes you an addict.
- It's such a big show internationally too.
Like, when I went to Pakistan, kids were watching this dubbed.
- Great show. It got super-awesome characters:
Goku, Vegeta, Nappa--
well, this was kind of old, so Nappa.
But he-- you know, he (click). Spoiler alert.
Vegeta kills him. It was so cool.
♪ (quirky interlude) ♪
♪ (big band jazz music) ♪
- Ooh, I've heard this before.
- Jazzy.
Oh! Okay. Oh!
- Oh! I know what this is.
- Uh, Cowboy Bebop?
- Cowboy Bebop.
- I really like this intro.
- Me. That's me right there with the high heels.
I'm just kidding. I never wear high heels.
- ♪ (vocalizing along) ♪
I exercise to this music.
- I've seen this somewhere.
I think it was on Adult Swim for a while.
- It's a really good show.
♪ (squeaky sax playing) ♪ Cowboy Bebop! Yeah!
♪ (music concluding) ♪ - I don't know this one.
But I like it.
♪ (music ends) ♪
- I have no idea what that is,
but the level of coolness is up there.
- (Vincent) So do you know it? - No.
- It looks familiar.
- No clue. James Bond?
- Anime Sherlock with guns.
- I hope I'm right. Holy-- is that-- yeah.
Cowboy Bebop.
- Cowboy Bebop.
Space westerns are the best kind of westerns.
- (Vincent) This is the opening to Cowboy Bebop.
- Cowboy Bebop!
- I've heard of this!
On Tumblr! Everyone's been like,
"Oh my god, you should watch Cowboy Bebop."
- I'm probably gonna start watching this tonight
just 'cause you guys showed me this.
♪ (quirky interlude) ♪
♪ (hard rock music) ♪
- Okay, okay.
- Dude looks familiar.
- (snickers) My favorite one already,
'cause the old man with no teeth.
- Ooh, nice revolver.
- Oh, I've seen this so much. I've seen this so many times.
♪ (electric guitar thrashing) ♪
- Yeah.
- I feel like this is something my dad watched.
- I like the fact that they all have the same exact hairstyle.
Like, they always look like they just got electrocuted.
- (Vincent) How about this one? Do you know it?
- No.
- Soulcalibur.
- This is Trigun?
- It's Trigun or "Tri-goon."
- It's either Trigun or Six-Gun.
I'm going with Six-Gun.
- (Vincent) This is from Trigun.
- I actually hate my life right now.
- I've never heard of that.
- I've watched all these shows. I just don't know the name.
- I watched this one anime review guy
who just reviews all these different old animes.
His name's, I think, Glass-- Arkada?
So I know a lot of this stuff through him.
♪ (quirky interlude) ♪
♪ (dramatic electropop music) ♪
- This is Voltron, huh?
- All right, I don't know this one yet.
- Gundam.
- This is Gundam. This is for sure Gundam.
- ♪ (singing in Japanese) ♪
- What is going on?
- There's robots, Power Rangers.
- This is like the Asian Transformers thing.
I know this. What is this called?
- It's... Power Rangers?
- This is my absolute shit. It still is my shit.
- (Vincent) How about this? Do you know it?
- I don't know.
- It's not Transformers. It's just mech suits.
- I'm gonna go with GoBots.
- It's Gundam, I know that.
- It's Gundam Wing.
- (Vincent) This was the opening to Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.
- Yeah, I don't know what that is.
- I've heard of Gundam.
I haven't watched a lot of mech shows.
- Main reasons I wanted to be an engineer as a kid
is so that I can make one of these.
But then my dad told me, "Yo, this is only in cartoons."
♪ (quirky interlude) ♪
- ♪ I wanna be... ♪
- Pokémon! Something I know!
- Everyone knows this theme song.
- (singing along) ♪ To catch them is my real test ♪
- (singing along) ♪ To train them is my cause ♪
- I love this show so much.
- The greatest show of all time, hands down.
Don't even argue with me.
- I don't-- I know there's gonna be people singing along to this.
- (singing along) ♪ The power that's inside ♪
- (singing along) ♪ Pokémon ♪
- This was such a heartfelt song.
If you love this show, you would feel this.
- ♪ I know it's my destiny ♪
♪ Pokémon, oh ♪
- (singing along) ♪ You're my best friend ♪
- (singing along) ♪ In a world we must defend ♪
- Join in. Ready?
♪ Gotta catch 'em all, gotta catch 'em all ♪
♪ Pokémon ♪
- I love Pokémon so much!
It's like, top five favorite shows.
- (Vincent) Last one: do you know it? - Pokémon.
- I've seen it. It's Pokémon.
- Pokémon, man, the greatest show of all time.
- Pokémon. (chortles) Pokémon.
- (Vincent) This is of course the theme
to the popular series Pokémon. - Yes, it is.
- It's iconic.
- If you don't know Pokémon,
then you're literally living under a rock, like for real.
Like, even if you're living under a rock, that's Pokémon.
You know what Pokémon is.
- (Vincent) Pokémon is another huge anime franchise
that has stood the test of time,
with numerous movies, games, and trading cards.
The show's been in constant syndication
since it began nearly 20 years ago
and currently has aired over 900 episodes. - 900?
- Dang, that's a lot.
- What do they do for 900 episodes?
- The genius thing about Pokémon
is that they didn't just create a series;
they created a universe around it.
- I've been watching since season 1, episode 1.
On my 16-hour flight to Dubai, I watched 10 episodes in a row,
starting from season 1. The girl next to me was like,
"This kid's like 19. What is he watching?"
I'm like, "Pokémon. What do you mean?"
♪ (quirky interlude) ♪
- Thanks for watching this episode of Do They Know It?
on the React Channel.
- In the name of the moon, subscribe.
- Let us know in the comments how well you did in the challenge.
- Bye!
- Kamehameha!!!
♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪
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15778 Folder Collection
Jack Lu published on July 8, 2016    Jack Lu translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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