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Dear Ryan, can you do Powerpuff Girls?
The city of Townsville, poorly drawn and home to many,
including your favorite superhero trio,
known as the Powerpuff Girls!
-Hey professor? -Hey, girls! What's up?
Being that you're really smart and you created human beings
-basically out of nothing-- -Uh-huh.
We were just wondering, um...
Why the f*ck you ain't give us no fingers?!
I tried to draw my fingers.
I tried to cut mine.
Girls, look, it's just the way it happened.
I didn't try to--
We oughta blast your finger-having ass right now!
Girls, no, please! Just let me explain!
You know how f*cking difficult it is for me to send an e-mail?
I-I didn't...I don't--
You ever tried typing with your elbows?!
(raspberry sound)
No, but I-I can imagine--
It's a f*cking pain in the stub.
Yeah, because we don't got fingers, we ain't got fingernails.
I mean, how do you expect us to scratch the dirt off our balls?
In P.E., Mr. Sachs says we can't leave class
until all of our balls are clean and we scratch all the dirt off!
Sometimes I play with my ponies and they just fall to the ground.
(pony squeaks)
(pony squeaks)
(drooling noises)
You see what we gotta go through because of you?!
No, girls, please--
You have to understand, of course I wanted to give--
(gasps) Oh no!
That's the Powerpuff Hotline! Let's go, girls!
(sighs) (takes deep breaths)
-(beeping) -What the fu--?!
What is it, Mayor?
Girls, the city of Townsville is under attack!
-By who? -By Him!
Who is Him?
No, Him is him. I don't know who this Who is.
So who do you want us to stop first?
Him or Who?
Who are you talking about?! Just stop Him!
So we stop Who first, then Him?
No! Just Him!
Who is Him? And Him is first?
Forget about Who and just get Him first!
Wait, so Who's on first?
-Just go! -Got it! Let's go girls!
You know nobody's going to get
that Abbot and Costello reference, right?
-Who, Him? -Them.
Them who?
(gasps) Hello, girls! I've been expecting you.
(gasps) It's Him!
Ooh, Him, like his name is Him. That's so not creative though.
Yes, it is me, Him, and I've come to destroy you!
Wait, so who's You?
(Powerpuff Girls yell)
AAAAAH! Wipeout.
Any last words, girls?
Yeah, actually, what are you?
Are you supposed to be like a crab?
Yeah, or like a lobster or something?
Are you related to Mr. Krabs? (Bubbles! You da best! Mr. K)
(growls angrily)
And why is your name Him if you look like a girl?
Yeah, shouldn't it be Her?
You kind of look like the demon from Insidious and now I'm scared.
Say goodbye, girls!
(growls) What now?!
Why are you doing this, Him?
Because I'm tired of people making fun of me,
how I'm different and how I'm so red,
how I have claws for hands!
Boy, can we sure relate to that.
-(Him sighs) -We know what it's like being different.
At least you have claws!
Look at us! We don't even have anything.
No hands, no paws, no hooves. Just plain old stubs.
Yeah, you're not the only different one.
People make fun of us too, you know.
My ponies are still on the ground.
Oh! I guess we're a little more alike than I thought.
Yeah, I guess we are, huh.
You know what?
Go ahead and destroy Townsville.
We don't like these people anyway.
Yeah, actually, people are jerks!
If you're the slightest bit different, people make fun of you!
Brown ponies!
Hearing you all talk, I don't feel as angry anymore.
I don't feel so alone.
Then maybe you don't have to destroy the town anymore?
Hmmm, perhaps I don't...yet.
(together) Really?!
Goodbye, girls! Wheeeee!
Huh. Well, that was easy.
And so, once again, the day is saved,
Thanks to--
Hey, professor?
(gasps) Hey-Hey, girls!
We just wanted to say that even though
we don't have fingers of our own,
we know it's not the end of the world.
See, girls? That's exactly what I was trying--
'Cause we're taking yours.
Wait, what?
The Powerpuff Girls!
(Ryan) So thank you guys again so much for watching.
If you want to see the previous video, click the one on the left.
If you want to see the last Dear Ryan video,
click the one on the right!
And, also, thank you so much to our friends at Toonocracy
for helping this animation come to life.
Well, I mean the animation didn't come to life,
it's still an animation, but, you know, well--
You know what I'm talking about. Just click one. Bye!
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Powerpuff Girls Parody (Dear Ryan)

18277 Folder Collection
Steven published on June 19, 2016    Steven translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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