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All right, so you want to go out for the evening and you want a quick evening look. So I'm
going to show you like a ten minute look from start to finish. What I'm going to do is just
a really dramatic lip with a very sheer sparkly shimmery eye. First thing I'm going to do
is I'm going to take a crème eyeshadow, look down for me, taking my number twenty-two brush
and I'm applying it to the lid. It's really important that you get a nice layer of this
crème on there. Because you want that intense shine so that when I use a powder product
on top of it it's really shiny. And this is one of the few times where you can take it
pretty much over the entire lid. Now if you've got hooded eyes, this won't work for you.
You'll still need to put it just on your lid. But since Alex has a basic eye shape. Then
I'm going to take a shimmery, frosty, sparkly all of the above powder and I'm going to put
it over what I just applied. By putting the crème on first as you all know it will make
that shimmer even more sparkly. And I'm patting it on to get more application rather than
brushing it on. You'd actually be surprised how much definition you get from highlighting
because everything you lighten is just as important as everything you darken.
Now with her midtone I only want the slightest bit of midtone. So instead of using the normal
brush which is usually my number eleven, I'm going to use my number thirteen to get it
just a very thin line of midtone. And you want to draw it, keep your head up, you want
to draw it right, look down for me, you want to draw it right slightly above that crease
in a solid line. I'll let you look at it while I put it on the other so you can see where
I've put it and how detailed it is. Then you're going to take your number twenty eight brush
and you're going to blend it out. Now you don't want to blend up and down. Just blend
across because you just want it to stay kind of within that line. And you can se how that
just gives the eye a slight bit of definition but keeps the eye very minimal looking. Now
we're just going to do a coat of mascara. Because thick, dark lashes are a must for
this look. As you can see I had already done one coat so this is my second.
Now with this look I like to highlight underneath the eye. I'm going to take my highlight shade, I'm
going to highlight the inside corner and all along the bottom lash line. It just gives
the eye a really fresh, I don't want to say unmade up look but just kind of fresh, clean
look that you can't get any other way. So I'm just going to do a highlight along the
lower lash line. And then on the very outer corner I'll do a little bit of my midtone.
Now I'm going to take that number thirteen brush again, just take a tiny bit of my midtone,
look up, just right in this outer corner for a little bit of definition. And the one little
trick that I love to do for this look to be even more dramatic but in a fresh unmade up
way, I am going to take a concealer pencil, look up for me, and put it on the inside wet
tissue of the eye. It really kind of open the eye up and gives you a wide eyed look.
Now I'm going to do my bold lip. First thing I'm going to do in order to make this bold
lip have a really perfect edge is I'm going to conceal all around her lip so I get a really
defined edge to that bold lip. So I'm just going to take my foundation brush and I'm
going to conceal the edge of her lip. Any time you do a very intense lip of any sort,
you want to conceal the edge of the lip. Then I'm going to take, then take and powder it.
Now, take your dark pencil and I'm going to line the lip. And the majority of your time
on this look is going to end up being on the lips because it takes a while to get a perfect
dark lip. Also by concealing the lip first it's going to keep it all in place a little
bit better and longer for you. I'm also, I like the world also don't I? I'm also going
to fill in her lip with this lip liner because the texture of a lip liner is drier than a
lipstick so it really helps the color stay. Also, remember if you have thin lips this
is not your look. You're not aloud to wear it. Now that my last good nerve is gone, no
I'm just kidding. Now I'm going to take my lip brush and take my dark lip color and now
fill in. Now in order to get it to stay longer, you're going to do one layer of lipstick,
you're going to blot and then you're going to do another quick layer of lipstick. This
gives you two layers of pigment and only one layer of moisture. Then you're going to take
a little bit of a berry lip gloss, and I'm just going to put it right on top of that
lip 'cause I always like
a little shine.
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10 Minute Evening Look Make Up Tutorial Video with Robert Jones

520 Folder Collection
陳瑋杰 published on May 28, 2016
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