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  • Propane Safety Tips: Whether you're grilling or just storing your tank,

  • learn how to stay safe with these tips.

  • Do not bring your propane tank indoors for any reason.

  • All propane usage, inspections, storage or refills should be done outside.

  • Always keep your propane tank upright and secure.

  • We recommend using a tank foot, ez-go or other tank holder while storing your tank to keep it stable.

  • Wipe down your propane tank with a solution of soapy water to check for leaks.

  • If a leak is present, bubbles will form.

  • If you find a leak, turn the valve off and check the system.

  • Propane in its natural state is odorless.

  • Rotten-egg odor is added to propane for safety.

  • If you notice the smell, remove any source of flame from the area, turn the valve off and have your propane tank serviced.

  • Do not smoke or light an open flame near propane tanks.

  • Never leave your propane tank in an enclosed vehicle.

  • This will cause the pressure relief valve to open, filling your car with dangerous flammable explosive propane vapor.

  • If this happens, call the fire department right away.

  • When a propane tank is manufactured, air gets into the tank.

  • The air needs to be purged from the tank for 2 reasons:

  • 1. The air can cause the odor that is added to the propane to fade.

  • 2. When propane is added to air, there are 2 of the 3 items needed for a fire.

  • All that is needed is a small spark and the tank can explode.

  • If your tank is 12 years or older, it must be re-qualified before it is safe for refill or usage.

  • Find a local commercial dealer to re-qualify your tank.

  • After your tank has been re-qualified, your tank is good for another 5 years.

  • Small vertical propane cylinders, 40 pounds and smaller, must be equipped with an overfill protection device.

  • Before using your small cylinder, make sure it is properly equipped with an OPD valve.

  • ASME cylinders, small horizontal cylinders, and large vertical cylinders can be overfilled.

  • For more information on propane safety and other propane tips, visit uhaul dot com slash propane.

Propane Safety Tips: Whether you're grilling or just storing your tank,

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Propane Safety Tips

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