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- The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland's
most popular attractions.
The pale blue waters contrasted
with the black lava rocks is absolutely gorgeous.
But enough talking, let's get in.
This feels so nice.
The air is really cold and this is,
oh my god, it's like I just got into a hot tub.
Not only is the color of the water just beautiful,
you're surrounded by these lava rocks
and the steam in the distance.
It's like you're on another planet.
There's so many different parts of the Blue Lagoon.
There's waterfalls, bridges, and there's even a bar area.
It's so easy.
You don't need to carry a wallet or anything.
You just scan your wrist bracelet and you get a drink.
You can soak, you can swim,
you can get in-water massage treatments.
And included with your admission is the silica mud mask.
And supposedly, it has healing powers.
Apply it for a little bit, wait 10 minutes,
and then you have brand-new skin.
This has been a surreal experience
and I now understand why the Blue Lagoon
is one of Iceland's most popular attractions.
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Iceland - Blue Lagoon

45113 Folder Collection
安惠盈 published on May 30, 2016    Su Kids translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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