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So we've got our fizzy grapes here.
It's actually pretty interesting what's going on here.
Dry ice is frozen CO2.
And as it warms back up, it's going to become gaseous CO2.
The basic idea is that it's the water inside the grape
that this carbon dioxide is dissolving into.
GRANT CRILLY: All we're talking about
is taking fresh, beautiful fruit and carbonating it
with dry ice.
Fizzy fruit!
Dry ice goes in.
CHRIS YOUNG: You have to get the fruit and the water
inside the fruit as cold as possible but not frozen
so that the CO2 can dissolve into it.
Because if the fruit freezes, it won't be fizzy.
CHRIS YOUNG: Fruits that are really sweet
tend to work phenomenally well with this.
And the reason is that carbonic acid from the CO2
balances out the sweetness.
Plus, because the fruit's cold, that also
suppresses how sweet it is.
So the overall flavor just becomes more balanced.
The dry ice helps cool the fruit down,
which is going to make the solubility of CO2 higher
inside the liquid in the fruit.
But as it warms up, the dry ice is also
turning back into a gas, raising the pressure.
And as the pressure comes up and the temperature of the fruit
drops down, you're able to essentially cram
more CO2 molecules into that liquid water.
So the colder the fruit and the higher the pressure,
the fizzier it's going to be.
[COUGHS] It's burning.
If you inhale CO2, you're going to get
this really strong burning sensation in your lungs.
And that's because your body has a response system that says,
when there's a lot of CO2 around-- what feels painful.
It activates this pain sensation.
Well, when I eat something carbonated or drink
something carbonated, I get a large amount
of CO2 in my mouth.
And it retronasally comes up into my nose
and triggers some of those same pain sensations.
And that actually heightens all of your other sensory inputs.
So you're paying more attention to the aromas
because the CO2 is sort of acting these-- activating
these pain receptors, making everything
more fragrant and aromatic.
It's like-- do you guys remember Pop Rocks?
Well, it's like a pop rock but the most delicious thing ever.
So the combination of the coldness and the acidity, which
balance out the flavor, plus the increase to aromatics
is one of the things that makes fizzy fruit so wonderful.
If I can hit the lens, that's about the same as you
guys aiming for my mouth.
No wait, no protection whatsoever!
Nailed it.
MAN: Fun.
I'm going to get you, too.
Nailed it.
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ChefSteps Nerd Alert: The Science of Fizzy Fruit

272 Folder Collection
amber published on May 25, 2016
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