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Hi kids! I'm your librarian, Ms. Booksy.
It's Cool School's Story Time
Everybody gather 'round.
Everbody ready?
KIDS: Yeah!
I said, I everybody ready??
KIDS: Yeeeeaaaah!!
Ok then...
Oh, wait... where's that book?
Ah!... Here we are.
Today's story is Little Red Riding Hood.
It worked!
Once upon a time, a little girl named Little Red Riding Hood--
that's me--
was packing a nice dinner to take to her grandma's house.
My grandma was sick, and even though I had to walk a MILE,
I was ready to help my grandma, cuz, that's what good kids do, right?
I packed up a sweet dinner...
Liver, and onions, and peas--
KIDS: Eeeew!
You don't like that?
Okay then...
Fruit rollups, some pizza, ice cream, and four Twinkies!
KIDS: Yaaay!
Okay, good choices!
Now, there's only one way to get to grandma's
It's right through the SCARIEST forest you can imagine!
KIDS: That's not scary!
My bad.
KIDS: Yay!!
Whoa, but then, someone or something
SNATCHED my red hood!
And snatched my basket of delicious snacks!
I've been robbed!
Kids! Robbed!!
By a wolf!!
I said a wolf...
KIDS: Aaaah!
And the wolf was wearing my red hood!
That's a little girl's hood, he's gonna stretch it out, that darn wolf!
And, he just looked silly too...
Then... he spoke.
What is a little girl like yooouuu
doing all by herself in the wooods like dis?
Going to my grandma's house?
If it's any of your business... and it's not!
So please give me back my stuff!
Aren't YOU a sassy lassie?
Maybe I will go to your grandma's house and EAT her.
What do you think about dat?
Put some sauce on her,
maybe some ketchup,
I don't know...
Oh no you won't!
You're not putting mayonnaise on my grandma!
I yelled,
and I kicked!
But the wolf ran off!
And wolves can run pretty fast.
Even when they're wearing a little girl's coat that doesn't fit quite right!
I had to get to grandma's, and fast!
There was a dangerous wolf in the woods!
So I ran.
KIDS: Faster!
Run faster?
KIDS: Yeah!
Ah!! Okay...
KIDS: Faster!!
We're here, at grandma's house.
Let me in grandma!
There's a wolf outside in the woods!
And he's stealing little girls' clothes,
and parading around,
and I---ah!
The wolf!
And this time, he's wearing my grandma's nightgown and sleeping cap.
He even had on a pair of her high heels!
And he was licking his paws,
just like he'd eaten a snack.
Or maybe my grandma!
What can I do? He's a wolf!
But I had an idea...
It was a good idea.
I ran,
and I ran,
and ran and ran really fast! KIDS: Faster!
KIDS: Like a cheetah!
Like a cheetah??
KIDS: Yeah!
Wha? What's that sound?
It's like a clack, clack, clack, clack.
Is that the--
The Big Bad Wolf!!
And he's still wearing my grandma's high heels,
and you'll understand one day, it's impossible to run in high heels!!
Then, right there,
with his twisted ankle, and his belly full of my grandma,
He started to get sick.
It was really gross!
H-he... The Big Bad Wolf threw up!
He threw up all over the place!
KIDS: Eew!
He threw up my grandma!
Don't worry, she was fine, not a scratch!
He threw up all the fruit rollups, and the ice cream, and the pizza, and the twinkies!
I don't feel so good...
It was gross!
But, it gave me and grandma time to get away.
We called the police,
and the firemen,
animal control
Dog the Bounty Hunter, everybody we could think of!
And, I'm happy to tell you, the wolf was caught!
And sold to the circus!
And now, every year since,
every year when the circus comes to town, my grandma and I go
just to laugh at the Big Bad Wolf.
He doesn't know any tricks or anything,
but, it's just funny to see a big ol' wolf in high heels.
The End!
Okay kids, that's all the time we have for today.
Thanks for coming to visit me, but PLEASE come back to the library
cuz I just love telling you guys stories.
KIDS: Bye bye!
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Little Red Riding Hood - Story Time with Miss Booksy (Cool School)

619 Folder Collection
Kayeshe published on May 23, 2016
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