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What's up, everybody? We're Alex and Marko, and you are watching Vagabrothers.
These are our top 10 things to do in Singapore.
The Lion City
To understand Singapore, start with a walk
along the banks of its river,
where the city was founded by the British East India company 200 years ago.
You'll see the shop houses and keys
that made an important trade hub between Europe and Asia,
as well as the skyscrapers of the financial district that
have recently made the city rich.
Walking in the sun is going to leave you parched so
head into the Raffles Hotel, a local icon named after
the founder of the city, and home of the Singapore Sling.
Sure, it's touristic, but it's the best place
to get a taste of British Singapore.
I'll take Singapore Sling, shaken, not stirred.
Number 3: China Town
Singapore might have been founded by the British, but
today three of every four SIngaporeans are of Chinese decent.
Despite Singapore's rapid development,
China Town has retained its unique character
through temples, bizarres and delicious restaurants.
China Town is cool, but don't overlook
Singapore's other ethnic neighborhoods.
Head to Little India for killer curries and
colorful temples,
or to Haji Street
the Malay quarter and one of Singapore's trendier neighborhoods.
Number 5: Hawker Centers
Singapore's ethnic diversity is reflected in its food,
which is best explored in informal food markets
called Hawker Center.
There's a ton of options, but Maxwell Food Center
is a great place to sample local favorites
like chile crab, Hainanese chicken rice
and nasi lemak
Number 6: the Southern Ridgeline. The food is
so good in Singapore ,you're guaranteed to pack on a few pounds.
Undo the damage with a trail run up the Southern Ridgeline,
a beautiful natural park that leads to the summit
of Mount Faber and a cable car to Sentosa Island.
Number 7: Sentosa Island
Now, Sentosa Island is not for everyone,
but it is where you're going to find all the resorts, rides,
and attractions.
Some are lame, but some are cool
like Universal Studios or
Southeast Asia Oceanarium, the largest in the world.
You can even dive underwater in these cool spacesuits.
So you can be like a "Starman."
And I'm floating in the most peculiar way.
If you prefer some more action, head down the street
to the Wavehouse, where you can learn the basics
of riding a standing wave, or
try your luck at getting barreled.
After that, dry off with iFly,
an indoor skydiving center that's
a guaranteed good time.
Number 9: Marina Bay Sands rooftop bar.
Before you leave Singapore, you've got to go here.
There's an infinity pool: there are cocktails with a view of the whole city
and some gold for your Instagram
You know you want that pic.
Lastly, finish your time in Singapore with a night out in Clarke Quay,
the redeveloped riverside area that's
turned former trading houses into trendy bars,
serving a young and sexy crowd.
All right , guys. Those are our top 10 tips.
What are yours? Put them in the comment box.
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keep exploring, and we'll see you guys on the road.
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Top 10 Things to Do in Singapore

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張竣文 published on May 23, 2016
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