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- I could use this as a helmet.
It's so padded.
Who needs bike helmets?
Just get a Bombshell bra.
(mid-tempo guitar music)
- [Voiceover] Oooh, Wonder Bra.
- Ooh, whoa (beep).
- It's like built-in chicken cutlets, kind of.
- Is that air or something?
- This is like NASA technology that we now
use to hold up people's tits.
- It's comfortable, it feels like a foam mattress.
- This one's fun to squish.
- I like this.
- It's doing the push-up bra thing,
where like any time I move it feels like
my whole chest is moving everywhere.
- There's a lot of stuff going on under here.
- Kinda just feels like a bra that actually fits.
- It's just like a little kind of boost from the bottom,
here, it's not like a crazy drastic change.
- Like, I expect a push-up bra to
turn me into Jessica Rabbit.
- Whoa, what the (beep)?
This weighs like six pounds.
- Oh! A what?
- Do real boobs feel like water?
- You know what this makes me think of
is the bras you can put like booze in.
That I would get, that sounds like is has a practical use.
- The first bra was like Tempurpedic,
this is like 1970s waterbed.
- This, I would be nervous about this, like leaking.
- Whoa! (laughs)
- I can definitely like see a difference.
- It's so awkward, cause the water is cold.
- This one is not doing the same
effect that I want it to do.
- There's just like, a glob of water, like sitting
in front of my boobs, and it's really strange.
- Because it's just adding water to your boobs,
instead of pushing everything up.
This isn't actually a push-up bra.
See, this is what I want.
- Does it feel like a boob?
No, no, you can tell there's like a plastic bag in there.
- They move naturally. (laughs)
- When I go like this, it's like,
like, I'm not grabbing any boob right now.
- I don't like it as much.
- If my boyfriend ever felt me up
while I was wearing this bra, he'd be like,
"what the fu, what the heck is going on under there?"
- [Voiceover] The Bombshell.
- Oh my God!
- This is all pad, holy crap.
- From here to here.
Just padding.
- Where does your boob go?
- Now, this is cute.
I'm gonna wear this for Halloween next year.
- How expensive is this thing?
Do I wanna know?
Ugh, yeah, 50 bucks wasted.
- I'm holding them and they don't even feel like mine.
Whoo,I feel like I'm strapped into a bulletproof vest
right now, because that's how thick these things are.
- I feel like I'm lying.
- This looks nice though.
- I'm gonna have a boyfriend before
I finish laughing in this thing. (laughs)
- I feel like I'm about to spill out of it,
because there's no actual room for my boobs in this.
- I can't stop looking at myself in this bra, though.
So I imagine that's the problem, is like a dude
would just be looking at my chest.
- But it's not uncomfortable, these aren't
as uncomfortable as I thought they would be.
- If I wanted to hook up with someone I just met,
while wearing this bra, I would probably
be okay with doing most things,
except anything in this area.
- I would just be so nervous, and so self-conscious
that my actual boobs were gonna disappoint them.
- You know, nothing looks as sexy as just be naked.
And like I don't have to pay 50 dollars for that.
- If somebody gets to see your boobs,
they're gonna be excited,
so just take the bra off, live your best life,
they're not gonna be like,
"Whoa, that was a lot of padding."
- I would just want to like encourage people
to embrace their own bodies,
but at the same time, if you're really
insecure about something, go ahead and change it.
Like, whatever, you do you.
- If there was an earthquake and
you were wearing this, and you needed emergency water,
you just cut it right open.
Like if Tom Hanks was wearing this is Cast Away,
he would have been like,
"Ugh, good, I got at least a day."
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3 Push-Up Bras That Will Make You Say "DAMN"

17559 Folder Collection
蘇雯儀 published on November 13, 2016    Matilde Wu translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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