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-So where'd you get all this?
-Few people chipped in a tenner.
-Shouldn't you be at school?
-Hundred and ten, hundred and twenty, thirty.
-Nice one! Like the menu?
-Well I dunno what half of it is to be honest!
-Pop by later, you can try some, alright?
-Morning Christian, sorry I'm late. Has Syed introduced himself as yet?
-He's not been in babe.
-Oh, that's unlike him. Maybe he overslept.
-Well I just saw an Indian fella talking to Janine in the Caf.
-Indian? -Oh, whatever.
-Jay Brown, you just made my day!
-Why's that man giving me daggers?
-Ian? He's always had a crush on me.
-That's Ian Beale?
-Ian. Syed Masood, Mum's told me all about you.
-I wish I could say the same.
-Do we have a problem?
-No. My problem's with your mum. Sticking members of her family on the payroll without consulting me.
-I'm sure there's enough washing up for both of us.
-Washing up?! I'm joint owner! Or did she forget to mention that little fact?
-What do you think you're doing?
-Eating breakfast.
-Breakfast? It's nearly lunchtime! You were meant to start at nine.
-That might be my fault.
-Yeah, I can believe that.
-Do you realise that I had to put my foot down for you to get this job? Your father's going to be there in fifteen minutes.
-Do you want to make me look like a fool? Come on.
-Come on!
-Look, I know you didn't want me working here.
-Yeah, but your mother did, and she's the boss.
-You never know, I might be useful.
-Just stick to washing up, and everything'll be fine.
-So this is how it's gonna be, is it?
-Pretty much, yeah.
-Here, let me!
-I'm Syed. -Christian
-Nice to meet you.
-Manly shake you got there!
-Why wouldn't it be?
-No reason.
-What, gay man, limp wrist, that it?
-No, that's not what -
-Oh, what's the point?
-Well it's a bit bland.
-Bland? Bland? Your taste buds must be defective.
-Oi! I've paid my money. So I've got a right to tell you what I think about your spring rolls.
-Spring rolls? -He's right mum. He's the customer.
-He's a child! What does he know?
-Oh, well forget the whole thing and I'll have me dough back then.
-I'll go elsewhere. -Good!
-Will everyone just calm down?
-Look, we know tonight's important to you, and you want everything to be just right, and that includes the food.
-And it's important to us that you're happy. So what can we do to improve it?
-Add some sipping sauce maybe. You know, jazz it up a little bit?
-Dipping sauce? What kind of dipping sauce?
-Barbecue maybe?
-We can do that. I'm sure that we could come up with an authentic dipping sauce to complement your food, couldn't we?
-Course we could. Syed, get in the kitchen, there's work to be done.
-Can you just give him those, tell him I'm sorry? -Yeah, yeah. Hope you feel better soon, yeah?
-Masala Queen, food of the Gods! And Godesses.
-Ooh, looks tasty. -It is, you wanna try?
-Wouldn't mind.
-Oi! -What, come on, just being friendly! Where's he been all this time, locked up in charm school?
-They only let me out for special occasions!
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-Try one, your majesty?
-We call it taste of the tandoor.
-Very nice
-They seemed to like the food, don't you think?
-Yeah. Went down well. I -
-No, go on.
-No, I was just gonna say, credit where credit's due. I thought Syed played his part.
-You think that I don't know what he is? I do.
-For good or for bad Mas, I don't wanna fight anymore.
-Neither do I.
-Look, I'm glad you found him. Alright, I'm gonna try my best to move on. But you have to let me go at my own speed.
-I've got my eye on him. One step out of line and - -Understood. Understood.
-Er, Syed? Perhaps you could help finish clearing up?
-Of course.
-I hope you're not mistaking my son's naturally flirtatious nature for something else?
-I'll try not to.
-Cause I know my son and he's not interested.
-No, not at the moment, he told me so himself.
-He's only got room for one special lady in his life.
Tell me, have you met his girlfriend yet?
Oh, you didn't know? Silly me.
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CHRYED - C & S story 8 (first meeting) - 1 may 2009 - SUB

888 Folder Collection
Matheo Shawn published on May 21, 2016
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