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In Midtown Detroit, near New Center One at Henry Ford Health System's Center for Athletic
Medicine, John Callaway is part of a special exercise program called PREVENT. A battery-operated
heart pump called an LVAD keeps his heart beating; he walks, works out, meditates and
learns about health and nutrition in PREVENT, a medically-supervised exercise program for
people with long-term health issues. Sometimes I forget that I even have it on. A small control
box runs John's LVAD, or Left Ventricular Assist Device. Two battery packs at the belt
on his waist ensure he always has power and a backup. A small tube runs into John's belly
with wires feeding electricity to the pump that keeps his heart beating until he receives
a heart transplant. One of my brothers, they call me the Iron Man or Bionic Man cause I
have my equipment. The LVAD has helped John come into the PREVENT program and exercise
and like a lot of other LVAD patients we see, help improve his strength and endurance and
ultimately help him live a better life.
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Exercising with a Heart Pump

186 Folder Collection
Ting Huang published on May 17, 2016
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