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- Yo, you ever play Operation?
It's how it feels.
Except your girlfriend is the one
making the little (imitates buzzer) noise.
(upbeat music)
- How long did it take her to do her makeup?
Five hours.
- Two episodes of Friends.
- If I'm like running out of the house, don't put makeup on,
people think I'm sick and tired.
- I think you're underrating how hard
hair is in the morning for guys.
Just sayin'.
- Fastest time she could do her makeup in
is probably ten minutes.
- I mean, I'm sure it's harder than it looks,
but I mean at the end of the day it's color.
(upbeat music)
- Oh.
- Oh my god.
- There's no way you use all of this.
- Depends on what day it is.
- I feel like I can eliminate half of this stuff right now
and still end up with the same face.
- To start, obviously we have the foundation.
Obviously, you have the foundation.
- Oh, I learned this trick at Sephora.
- [Sophia] What is that? - Wow.
- So next you wanna do is hit 'em with the powder.
- No, wrong.
- So next you wanna do is hit 'em with the contour.
- No.
- Can you look at that wall for me, please?
Thank you.
- Conceal.
- I don't know what concealer is.
- What does conceal mean?
(upbeat music)
- It's on too thick.
- Yo, relax, I know what I'm doing.
Alright so you wanna make sure
it's not in the crevasses. - [Girl] Ew, ew, get out of there.
- I think the next step is the contouring step.
- You got your eyebrow brush.
- (laughing) Eyelashes.
- (laughing) Your eyelashes, your eyelashes.
- Don't you contour your forehead?
I swear on a BuzzFeed post I saw 'em do it like right here.
- I'm not--
- We gotta do the blush now.
- Oh my god, this is exhausting.
How long have I been doing this?
- I don't know how to get this little winged thing
goin' on in her eye.
- Oh (bleep).
Lemme look at it.
Oh my god (laughing).
- Open ya eye.
Ooh, that ain't too bad.
- I think it looks kinda cool.
Alright, look at me.
- This is what I've been lookin' for.
- No, no.
- Here, we gotta get your eyebrows.
- I did to hit that eyeshadow.
- You don't use water?
I feel like you should dip these in water.
It's like watercolor paint.
- I'm gonna straight up be gettin' jobs off this.
- Black magic, ooh.
- Now, let's get onto the lips.
- Now you gotta go like this.
(lips smacked together)
Oh yeah.
I don't think that that's that bad.
- Can you like?
Aw (bleep).
- Yeah.
- A little bit, but yeah, I'm done.
- I give myself a 5 out of ten.
- The kid did it.
(upbeat music)
(intense music)
- I think you're gonna like it.
- (gasps) Oh.
- Oh my god.
- It's not that bad, right? - [Woman with curly hair] Are you crazy?
- Oh my god.
- Are you tearing up?
- My lips, ew (laughs).
- So you put my concealer just in a wipe
across my forehead?
- [Voiceover] I did that.
- You put brown on the middle of my forehead.
- The smokey eye was throwin' me off, but it's not that--
- Are you insane?
- Are you?
Killed it.
- It's gonna make it worse.
- Just look and go.
It doesn't look that different.
- Your way takes 45 minutes.
My way took 15.
- Yeah, it's crazy hard.
I understand why there's beauty schools
and why there's a lot of training that goes into this.
- I have a new found appreciation
for Sophia's ability to do her makeup.
- You know there's a lot more that goes into makeup
than we understand.
- I will say though, when you don't have makeup on too,
I still think you're just as beautiful.
- Thanks.
(upbeat music)
- Put that on your face, tell me it's not relaxing.
- Oh my gosh, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
It feels like a little lion cub is just braising me.
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Boyfriends Do Their Girlfriends' Makeup

413 Folder Collection
airjmm published on May 16, 2016
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