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Can you tell me why you should keep your wisdom teeth?
It is cheaper than having surgery you don’t need, assuming the wisdom teeth don’t make
you need braces.
Why would keeping the wisdom teeth make me have braces?
About one in five people don’t have wisdom teeth at all. A large number of those who
do have them have a jaw too small for them.
Which is rather odd.
We’re evolving smaller faces and jaws along with bigger brains. Unfortunately, the wisdom
teeth often don’t fit.
Hence the braces.
The braces are to fix the crowding. If all the teeth are tilting forward or shifting
as the wisdom teeth try to crowd in, it hurts dental hygiene.
And then you need the braces.
And that’s why it is better to have them removed before they mess up the rest of your
I saw Reddit pictures of people with upside down and sideways wisdom teeth. But if there
is nothing wrong, why not keep them?
If there’s nothing wrong, keep them. You’ll have extra molars in back for grinding and
I’ve heard they are hard to floss.
Most people don’t floss enough anyway.
That’s not smart. Why are they called wisdom teeth, anyway?
They usually come in around age 18, what the Greeks called the age of Wisdom.
Not judging by the auto insurance rates and stupid Youtube videos a lot of kids that age
post. Why do dentists usually take them out?
About nine in ten people have at least one impacted wisdom tooth. Why not just take them
all out at the same time and be done with it?
Or save money over braces and the orthodontist.
But if there is nothing wrong with them, there’s no reason to keep them.
Then you just have another set of molars to get cavities in.
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Why You Should Keep Your Wisdom Teeth

418 Folder Collection
Caurora published on May 15, 2016
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