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-No eggs, no milk!
It's no wonder you've been single so long. -Yeah, well I never claimed to be domestic god.
-I suppose you've got other talents..
-You okay about your Mum and Dad?
-This is what I want.
Come on, let's go out for breakfast like normal couples do. -What, don't you want to go to the mosque?
-Missing one day won't kill me.
So...do you fancy the cafe?
-Why don't I go to the Minute Mart and get us some supplies?
Make you breakfast in bed. -Thought you weren't a domestic god. -Didn't have any reason to bother before.
-See ya.
-What?! -Nothing!
-You're going to mosque?
-Yeah, why shouldn't we? Better hurry if you want to join us.
-I can't go. I can't face them.
-Who? -Everybody.
-We've done nothing to be ashamed of.
Alright, fine! You stay here with Kamil. Me and Tam will represent the family. -I just saw Christian. He was alone.
What if Syed's at the mosque, what if everyone knows? -It doesn't matter! He's nothing to do with us.
-Hi! We can't take your call right now, so please leave a message after the tone.
-Zainab? It's Bushra. I just wanted to check you were all still okay to come to dinner tonight.
Only I saw Masood and Tamwar outside the mosque earlier, but they rushed off before I could ask!
I noticed Syed wasn't with them. I do hope he's not unwell. Anyway if you could let me know...
-Eh, Bushra, Hi! Yes!
No, she's here...she's just seeing to the baby.
Yeah, dinner tonight would be great. Yeah it'll just be Zainab and me, if that's okay with you.
Yeah, great. Okay, good. See ya then. Bye.
Tamwar, you watch Kamil tonight, your mother needs a break. Better get to work.
-When you were at the mosque...did anyone ask about Syed?
-And? What did your father say?
-That he only has two sons.
Doesn't that bother you?
Stop acting like Syed's dead! -Don't speak to me like that, alright Tamwar?!
Your father and I- -You don't feel the same way Dad does, alright? If you did you wouldn't be doing Syed's laundry.
Why don't you take it over there, I'll come with you. -This is for the charity shop. Make sure you take it on your way out.
-I've only got one client. Are you sure you don't mind?
-It's work, of course I don't mind.
-I could always cancel...pull a sickie. -No! I'll be perfectly fine here by myself. Go!
-Make yourself at home.
-Oi. Oi! Oi! -Babe, I was gonna return your calls. It's just...I've been a little bit busy. -Yes! You're in love!
I just wanted to know how it was going with you and Syed, that's all. Come on, come in for a drink, please please please!
Okay, listen. You get back to Syed but, can we please hook up soon? -I promise.
-You are never gonna believe what I've just seen.
-I never was that organised at cooking. Look, remember how it drove you mad at Masala Queen?
I just wanted to do something nice...domestic.
You told me to make myself at home!
-Where was your last flat, Basra?
-Well, you're not angry? -Why would I be angry?
Only reason I kept this place so perfect is because I never had anything else better to do.
Now I have.
I don't want perfect. I want this.
And I suppose that sounds cheesy. -Just a bit.
And you'll learn to live with it, though.
-Well I'm honoured. And you owe me. -Okay, okay, I'll start cleaning up now.
-Forget that. You are gonna take me to dinner, no expense spared.
-I owe you an apology.
-You do? -All this business with Syed.
I've been unreasonable.
You know, all this anger I feel towards him?
For his betrayal, I've been taking it out on you, and that's not fair.
Zainab, you and me, we should be a unit. Now more than ever.
Syed may be gone, but we've got each other, and the boys. And that's all that matters.
-So where are you taking me then, later. Argee Bhaji? -Please, credit me with a bit more style!
-Style? That's what you call what you did to the flat, is it?
-Exactly how long is this guilt-trip gonna last? -That depends on how big the cleaning bill is.
You okay? -Yeah.
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CHRYED - C & S story 126 - July 19 2010 - ENG SUB

686 Folder Collection
Matheo Shawn published on May 14, 2016
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