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  • -No eggs, no milk!

  • It's no wonder you've been single so long. -Yeah, well I never claimed to be domestic god.

  • -I suppose you've got other talents..

  • -You okay about your Mum and Dad?

  • -This is what I want.

  • Come on, let's go out for breakfast like normal couples do. -What, don't you want to go to the mosque?

  • -Missing one day won't kill me.

  • you fancy the cafe?

  • -Why don't I go to the Minute Mart and get us some supplies?

  • Make you breakfast in bed. -Thought you weren't a domestic god. -Didn't have any reason to bother before.

  • -See ya.

  • -What?! -Nothing!

  • -You're going to mosque?

  • -Yeah, why shouldn't we? Better hurry if you want to join us.

  • -I can't go. I can't face them.

  • -Who? -Everybody.

  • -We've done nothing to be ashamed of.

  • Alright, fine! You stay here with Kamil. Me and Tam will represent the family. -I just saw Christian. He was alone.

  • What if Syed's at the mosque, what if everyone knows? -It doesn't matter! He's nothing to do with us.

  • -Hi! We can't take your call right now, so please leave a message after the tone.

  • -Zainab? It's Bushra. I just wanted to check you were all still okay to come to dinner tonight.

  • Only I saw Masood and Tamwar outside the mosque earlier, but they rushed off before I could ask!

  • I noticed Syed wasn't with them. I do hope he's not unwell. Anyway if you could let me know...

  • -Eh, Bushra, Hi! Yes!

  • No, she's here...she's just seeing to the baby.

  • Yeah, dinner tonight would be great. Yeah it'll just be Zainab and me, if that's okay with you.

  • Yeah, great. Okay, good. See ya then. Bye.

  • Tamwar, you watch Kamil tonight, your mother needs a break. Better get to work.

  • -When you were at the mosque...did anyone ask about Syed?

  • -Yeah?

  • -And? What did your father say?

  • -That he only has two sons.

  • Doesn't that bother you?

  • Stop acting like Syed's dead! -Don't speak to me like that, alright Tamwar?!

  • Your father and I- -You don't feel the same way Dad does, alright? If you did you wouldn't be doing Syed's laundry.

  • Why don't you take it over there, I'll come with you. -This is for the charity shop. Make sure you take it on your way out.

  • -I've only got one client. Are you sure you don't mind?

  • -It's work, of course I don't mind.

  • -I could always cancel...pull a sickie. -No! I'll be perfectly fine here by myself. Go!

  • -Make yourself at home.

  • -Oi. Oi! Oi! -Babe, I was gonna return your calls. It's just...I've been a little bit busy. -Yes! You're in love!

  • I just wanted to know how it was going with you and Syed, that's all. Come on, come in for a drink, please please please!

  • Okay, listen. You get back to Syed but, can we please hook up soon? -I promise.

  • -You are never gonna believe what I've just seen.

  • -I never was that organised at cooking. Look, remember how it drove you mad at Masala Queen?

  • I just wanted to do something nice...domestic.

  • You told me to make myself at home!

  • -Where was your last flat, Basra?

  • -Well, you're not angry? -Why would I be angry?

  • Only reason I kept this place so perfect is because I never had anything else better to do.

  • Now I have.

  • I don't want perfect. I want this.

  • And I suppose that sounds cheesy. -Just a bit.

  • And you'll learn to live with it, though.

  • -Well I'm honoured. And you owe me. -Okay, okay, I'll start cleaning up now.

  • -Forget that. You are gonna take me to dinner, no expense spared.

  • -I owe you an apology.

  • -You do? -All this business with Syed.

  • I've been unreasonable.

  • You know, all this anger I feel towards him?

  • For his betrayal, I've been taking it out on you, and that's not fair.

  • Zainab, you and me, we should be a unit. Now more than ever.

  • Syed may be gone, but we've got each other, and the boys. And that's all that matters.

  • -So where are you taking me then, later. Argee Bhaji? -Please, credit me with a bit more style!

  • -Style? That's what you call what you did to the flat, is it?

  • -Exactly how long is this guilt-trip gonna last? -That depends on how big the cleaning bill is.

  • You okay? -Yeah.

-No eggs, no milk!

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CHRYED - C & S story 126 - July 19 2010 - ENG SUB

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