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Hi, I’m Shaun.
Have you eaten rice dumplings today?
It’s Dragon-boat Festival.
Of course everyone should eat rice dumplings.
It’s Dragon-boat Festival.
I like it.
Why are you so happy?
Do you even know what Dragon-boat Festival is?
No, but I know it’s a public holiday.
I know most of you won’t know what people would do on Dragon-boat Festival.
So, today, I will show you the coolest Dragon-boat Festival.
First, you will need the following items,
an egg,
a sachet,
and some drums.
James, have you seen the eggs in the kitchen?
No, I didn’t see any eggs “in the kitchen.”
That’s because they are in my hand.
Kids, don’t forget to return the eggs to your Mom after Dragon-boat Festival.
The egg is for you to practice standing eggs.
On Dragon-boat Festival noon, it is said the Earth’s gravity is stronger than usual.
So people can stand an egg anywhere.
Like in the classroom.
Or in the kitchen.
But, please choose the egg properly.
If you don’t like to stand an egg, you can wear a sachet.
Although in Chinese, sachet means
it actually brings a bad smell.
The ancient people would use the bad smell to prevent bad bugs.
Finally, the dragon boat race is the coolest activity in the festival.
However, the dragon boat is too big for kids to row.
So, what the kids can do is beating the drums or cheerleading.
Now, if you don’t have any drums, you can use this.
Hey, Grandpa. I’m going to watch the dragon boat races.
Do you have any drums?
I want to make some noise.
No, but you can take this.
Here you are.
OK, kids. If you really want to learn how to beat drums,
you should attend a dragon boat race yourself.
Now, let’s review the words together.
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FunTube看世界【Dragon-boat Festival 】端午節

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Hess published on May 13, 2016
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