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The wonder of a brand new life
but oh this wonder comes at such a cost
I'll never be the girl I used to be back then
and I'll never find the one again
Let's make a move, take a shot, you can find the one again
It's never gonna happen.
You gotta shake what you've got, you can find the one again
Nope, it's totally hopeless...
You want cute, you want speed,
I want hot, you want fine
Look at all the choices!
You can do it online!
It's time for you to shine, you can find the one again!
Come on girls!
Here we go, now follow me
You can find the one
Make it fit, show the line, find the perfect design,
You did a awe job now let me do mine
You wanna push it, wanna boost it, wanna lift it, wanna show it
you can mix it, imagine it
just let you and let them know it
You wanted dressy, classy, gentle and wassy,
Anything from understated to super sexy,
Don't you sit there a moment,
girl the door is open,
any shape, any style
I can find the one again! (Find the one!)
Look at your mommy! Isn't she gorgeous?
Find the one bra for you.
Reclaim your shape.
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CGI Animated Spot HD: "Triumph - Find The One.. Again!" by Eddy.tv, Stories AG, Brunch

20939 Folder Collection
Kristi Yang published on May 19, 2016    Vanessa Hsieh translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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