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  • In game, champions are balanced for optimum gameplay.

  • But which champions are the most powerful ones according to lore?

  • To make the list, we must first define 'power'.

  • I made this list, defining power as "ability to shape the universe at your will."

  • This is not an official list. I made this list reading a lot of lore and Rioter posts, combining them with my opinion.

  • So let's begin.

  • Ryze worked with many differend wizards, shamans and witches in many years.

  • He has an incredible amount of information about magic and thanks to his magical tattoos, he is so much more than a simple mage,

  • a human that is almost unified with the magic itself.

  • This building sized monster from the Void is shrinked in Summoner's Rift for gameplay purposes.

  • Yet he is incredibly fearsome, destructive and smart.

  • The pile of armor called Mordekaiser has been inducing fear in his enemies hearts for aeons.

  • Even if you manage to kill him somehow, he can be resurrected from his bones everytime.

  • Too powerful to be controlled by Black Mist, this ghost is a great danger with his dark magic.

  • We don't have the information to sort the Aspects that climbed the Mount Targon; Pantheon, Taric, Leona and Diana.

  • However they all bear incredible power, much beyond this world.

  • Lissandra was blessed by the Watchers centuries ago and lived ever since.

  • This Blind Witch is incredibly smart, and is a great danger to Valoran with her army.

  • We don't know the exact powers of this Demon which is at least as old as humanity itself.

  • Don't be fooled by his seemingly interest in human relations, surviving for that long is not an easy task.

  • Renekton became an Ascended with the ritual, now beholding god-like powers.

  • However, being mad is kind of a draw back in a list like this, making him weak compared to other Ascended.

  • Product of a 'failed' Ascension ritual, Azir is not as ancient as Renekton.

  • However with his wits and leadership he has great potential.

  • We don't know much about Nasus, Renekton's brother.

  • However, so old that he forgot his mortality, this demi-god has been walking on sands on Shurima for aeons.

  • Spirit of Freljord itself, Anivia is a very powerful magical creature

  • She have died countless times, and resurrected as much, watching over the snowy mountains for centuries.

  • Before continuing with the top 5, let's say hi to some champions that did not make it to the list,

  • but possesing great potential or unknown powers.

  • Syndra is so powerful that she can lift up a huge Temple and stabilize it in air.

  • This mage is so full of potential that she probably has no limits in terms of power.

  • Kog'maw is a fearsome Void creature that consumes anything in it's path, seemingly disobeying laws of physics.

  • Also from the Void; Vel'koz can destroy life forms with ease.

  • He is also incredibly smart and has incomprehensible amount of imformation.

  • No one knows where he came from, or what is he capable of.

  • But according to the old lore, Fiddlesticks is so powerful that League can not destroy him.

  • One of the most mysterious champions, Jax's lore includes League system and is now non-canon.

  • However, considered one of the most powerful champions since the launch of the game,

  • this "might be a Darkin" guy with a mask, should be respected.

  • Malphite is not so unique at his homeland, however in Valoran; a living mountain is definelty powerful.

  • So let's continue.

  • Aatrox the Darkin has shaped many battles and made men lust for blood for centuries.

  • We can say that he is a God of War, walking among mortals.

  • Xerath betrayed his emperor and stole the Ascension ritual, and the lives of people of Shurima.

  • He is now free from his mortal body, a dense form of magical energy.

  • This concious form of energy is probably the strongest result of the Ascension ritual and he has the potential to become omnipotent.

  • For as long as its people have known death, Kindred has stalked Valoran.

  • Kindred is the embodiment of Death itself, and has been ending lives of mortals for aeons.

  • And looks like 'they' will continue, until only Kindred is left in Valoran.

  • He saw the Shurima fall,

  • Watcher Rising,

  • and even Blessed Isles falling to darkness.

  • And he watched, silently.

  • Bard does not intefere to even the greatest dangers to human kind and Valoran.

  • He only acts if the universe it self is in danger.

  • Boundless from time and space, this ageless entity can be trapped, banished or even destroyed by close powers of magic or other beings.

  • Born in the first breath of creation, Aurelion Sol roamed the vast nothingness,

  • creating stars, arranging galaxies, 'painting' the universe with his creations.

  • Even though he was tricked and forced to servitude by magic of Targonians,

  • he is now back for revenge and he is the most powerful champion of all.

  • And that's the end of the list! Please don't forget to hit the like button if you enjoyed the video, and send a comment if you have any questions!

  • Thanks for watching! :)

In game, champions are balanced for optimum gameplay.

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