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OK lovely people, i'm gonna show you how to make the best classic Mojito, the most popular
cocktail on the planet. Very refreshing, very beautiful and very, very simple to make. So,
first up, lime. Give it a little roll, just to loosen the oils in the skin, you can start
to smell it and also those little capsules of lime juice inside. Take the end off of
the lime, like that. Take a nice, just over a centimeter thick, like this, and then cut
it into four. That goes into our glass, I want about seven or eight nice leaves of mint,
try and go for the smaller ones, they are obviously younger, they're more delicate,
more perfumed. Look at that, beautiful. What we can do, give a nice little spank. Everything
in life is better with a little spank. *wink* That goes into the glass. About one dessert
spoon, level of sugar. If it's a little sour add a little bit more sugar. Now I haven't
got a muddler, i'm just gonna use the end of a whisk but you could use a rolling pin,
or anything that's flat like that. And what I want to do is eight, nice, little squashes.
I've been in some not so good bars, were you see the bar tenders going duh duh duh duh
duh duh. It makes the white bitter part of the lime extract and it makes the bitterness
also come out of the leaves. Next up we want fifty ml of white rum. I'm just using a little
digestive glass like this. Let's say fifteen ice cubes is good. I'm just gonna get my little
tea towel like this, grab in the little corners. Smash it up. You can use a rolling pin if
you want, you can get all your aggression out. Think of your bank manager or the estate
agent and the taxes you pay every year. But it's gonna be alright because we're gonna
have a beautiful mojito. Come and have a look, this kinda blend is nice, I like that, I like
it a lot. So i'm only gonna fill that glass, three quarters OK? and then i'm just gonna
top it up. With a little soda water, just a little splash like that, no more. And then
use our spoon, and we just, almost like cooking when you're folding things through egg whites
and cream, just fold it and then top up with the ice. Garnish with a little mint and also,
give it another spank. Another important Italian bar man told me to do that. Always spank your
mint. So there you go guys, I hope you like that beautiful cocktail and don't forget you
can be creative with this of course you can. It's really nice with different types of mint,
I've done it with lemon thyme before which was really interesting. You can also do it
with basil. Beautiful little basil leaves. Purple basil, green basil. If you like it,
like it. If you want to share it in your social media put it everywhere we want people making
there own fresh cocktails just like with when i'm cooking. Also don't forget, go and have
a look at Food Tube, if you wanna see some food to go with this lovely recipe. But I
hope you like that! Until next time, cheers!
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How to make a Mojito Cocktail | Jamie Oliver

3811 Folder Collection
霹靂綺綺 published on June 24, 2016
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