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Historically there were 3 periods during the last 40 years when interest rate increases
had a real and noticeable effect on house prices.
In 1978 to 1979 rates moved from 7 to 17% with house prices dropping 15% a year later.
In 1989 increases from 8% to 15% resulted in a price decline which lasted for the next
6 years. The 2004 to 2007 rate rises also had a marked effect before the eventual financial
crash. The interesting point to note is that average
house price declines tend to lag a period of rate increase by about a year or so in
each case. But the caveat for 2016 will be how the effect of the rate rises will be felt,
given the sheer scale of quantitative easing that's taken place since 2009.
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What happens to house prices when interest rates go up?

271 Folder Collection
feng jin published on May 6, 2016
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