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The Obamas are staying in D.C for two years after the president leaves office.
He's about to go from Commander in Chief to Couch Commander.
* you, Chuck Todd.
What AM I gonna do in D.C for two years?
Get around to London, Mr. President.
I can't go every day, can I?
Which do you like better? These?
Or These?
Joe, they're the same.
They capture different moods!
Joe I need some focus here.
Coming in here during Aviator time, thinks everything...
I'm sorry, what's that?
I said, Mr. President, you have to be practical.
And look, you can drive again, you're gonna need a license.
You love sports, why don't you volunteer to work for one of the teams around here?
Is this the Washington Wizards?
I understand you're looking for some coaching help.
Let's just say I coached my daughter's team a few times.
So I'm gonna be in D.C for awhile,
and I thought I'd take up driving again.
What's the name?
Barack Hussein Obama
Well, since you don't have a driver's license,
you're gonna need a birth certificate.
it's real.
Is it?
It's real.
But is it?
oh, Michelle left her phone.
Let's see here.
She's got Snapchat.
Obamacare is great!
And it's really working!
Sign up now!
Breaking news
Michelle Obama in hot water after posting this video earlier today.
Obamacare is great!
And it's really working!
Sign up now!
Did it get a lot of views, at least?
Honey, enough! Enough!
Why don't you just talk to somebody who's been through this!
I gotta go to SoulCycle.
She's right.
I know who I need to talk to.
It's Barack.
Listen, could we get together?
Now THAT is a great movie.
Yeah. It gets me every time
So long, partner.
So, you got any advice for me?
So now you want my advice?
First, stop sending me all these Linkedln requests.
And second, here's the beauty of this whole thing.
You've got all the time in the world to figure this out.
You can just be you for a while.
If you know how to do that again.
So I can just be me.
And I can wear my mom jeans in peace.
I hate these tight jeans.
That's good.
Yesterday, I had a beer at 11:30 in the morning.
And you know, McDonalds now serves breakfast all day long.
You know, Michelle's gonna be at spin class, so she'll never know, right?
Let it go.
You know, it won't be long, you'll be able to walk right out of the Oval Office singing
And, you've got plenty of time to work on your tan.
And you know what?
I finally got the grand bargain on a sweet Chevy Tahoe.
Look here.
You want one?
Breaking news.
Former President Barack Obama on his 347th round of golf for the year,
and it's totally great.
And Gloria, not a problem for anybody.
I can't think of a reason to care, Wolf.
And believe me, I've tried.
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Couch Commander

33120 Folder Collection
Angel Cheng published on May 23, 2016    Angel Cheng translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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