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Today we're in Amsterdam. We're going to go and check out the food scene. Here we go.
There's a shop in Amsterdam called Winkel, that specialises in Apple Pie.
They make the best apple pie in Amsterdam...
...and with a bit of cream, it's delicious.
Throughout Amsterdam you will find fish stalls selling a variety of fish.
One of the specialities which the Dutch love is Haring.
You can also call it haring, but he just wants to say it in Dutch.
It's an acquired taste, huh?
So we've just had a look at a stroopwafel or syrup waffel being made fresh.
A stroopwafel, for those who don't know, is a Dutch treat which is second to none
and made fresh they are warm and delicious.
We found a shop that makes one product.
It's called Van Stapele Koekmakerij and it makes the best cookie in Amsterdam
This shop is situated in the centre of Amsterdam down a narrow street (Heisteeg 4).
This biscuit is a dark chocolate biscuit with a white chocolate filling.
Let's do it. Cheers.
We're at one of the Dutch food institutions, it's called Febo or food in the wall
Here you can pick food out of a wall or food vending machine. It's one of the strangest concepts here.
It's awesome.
The food is super tasty though. It's all fried and it's all good.
We're on the Princengracht or Prince's Canal
We're heading towards the best place to get pancakes in Amsterdam
This is called the Pancake Bakery and it is famous for their pancake.
These pancakes are big and delicious.
Amsterdam West is like foodie heaven.
One of my favourite coffee shops in Amsterdam is there, it's called Lot Sixty One and they make amazing coffee.
There are bicycles everywhere in Amsterdam. You've really got to be careful.
One of the best spots in Amsterdam West is De Hallen
There are food halls inside called De Foodhallen.
At this food hall you get one of the best cheese tostis in Amsterdam.
What's really amazing about these cheese tostis is that they put so much cheese that it seeps through while they are cooking it.
They put two kinds of Dutch cheese and spring onion. Gives it an amazing flavour.
It's really cheesy. Just like you
There's a place here called De BallenBar which make bitterballen.
Bitter balls are like crispy dough filled with some sort of ragu...
...and it's fried and it's delicious.
Typical is to eat bitterballen with mustard
Usually it's made of beef.
I almost spilled mustard on my shoe.
If you like pancakes, then the Dutch equivalent is the thing for you, these are called poffertjes.
They are sugary, they are buttery, they are so good.
It's so unhealthy. Look how much butter they put.
We're heading into a place that claims they've got the best french fries in Amsterdam.
There's an article on the wall that says so.
We're going to check it out.
The best fries in Amsterdam look like this.
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Top 10 Amsterdam Food you must try

588 Folder Collection
alex published on May 4, 2016
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