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Hello there!
So I have had surprising amount of requests since I first started this internet thing
to go over my everyday makeup routine.
And although I am by no means a professional, I will leave that to Michelle Phans of the world.
I was, like, why not? I show how I go from
to this
Now, to start off double your eyes with optimism
It's all about your perspective on the world,
But you wanna be careful and not put too much optimism
or else you'll just be left with disappointment via your high expectations.
I also like to line my optimism with little bit of something
that I call '"I don't give a f#ck about outcomes"
Because the less that I care about the result and the more I concentrate on the process of what I am doing
the happier I am.
Now I like also to give myself a little bit of a cat-eye,
everyone I meet knows, that I own four cats and I love cats and
if you have a cat, we are automatic best friends
Now that you are done with perspectives, start a lining, shaping,
and filling in your thoughts,
because we are our thoughts,
and if your thoughts are negative, self deprecating or judgemental
guess where its gonna go?
it's gonna trickle all the way down that beatiful face
and make you ugly.
Next, we gonna blend. And blending is so important
because you wanna make sure that everything is even and nicely spread out
what are you doing to make sure that all of these areas are well maintained and balanced?
Physically, are you taking care of your body? Diet and exercise wise?
Intellectually, are you always try to stimulate your brain and learn new things?
Emotionally, are you in touch with your feelings and
making sure that you are working through whatever it is that you are going through?
and, of course, spiritually, are you in touch with whatever your meaningful philosophy of life is?
and have you confirm the questions about morality, and your existence, and your purpose to
to a good degree.
I think we tend to overlooked this one the most.
or we tend to do too much.
but I mean can you imagine if we all try to out kind each other
how f#cking great the world would be?
But just make sure that you doing it in a moderately healthy amount
because I see a lot of girls, who are way too kind
for all the wrong reasons
and end up giving all of themselves away, and are left with nothing.
When you are in the end here, don't worry. One of the final steps,
I believe, is what you say.
Are you speaking in a way that you are would be proud of
Are you gossiping way too much?
I am really guilty of this.
Are you being too insulting even in a joking way?
And last but not least is your self esteem.
Is your self esteem low and flat, and unflattering?
Do you feel really insecure and frizzy?...
I am trying so hard to make the language match make up and this other thing
So forgive me if it doesn't make sense.
But in other words does what you do out here match with what you feel in here
Because I believe confidence and how you carry yourself
is going to effect more of your relationships than anything else.
If everyway you come from is from insecure and inadequate feeling place
you are not gonna be a very fun person to be around,
so make sure you take care of this when necessary
And I conclude the tutorial of how I put on my face
and the message of this video is pretty obvious,
take care of this but also make sure you're taking care of everything behind it as well.
One thing I'm really like to do is a looking in the mirroir
and all imagine that I'm rapidly aging until I'm just a skull
like I am have flesh falling off, and, like, wrinkles, and have maggots is going through an eyehole and everything
And I don't know if it's exactly mentally healthy
but it's a nice reminder of the impermanent nature of our flesh.
Yeah, think about that
I will see you next week
Stay awesome Gotham
stay beatiful too
inside and out
Oh, yeah
Also I lied this not my everyday make up routine
It's only when I'm going on camera
when I'm not on camera I either have no make up on or just have like a eyeliner or something
because your skin eats what's on it
Yeah, I found that out from a makeup artist
and I was like:" wow, my skin eats sh*t that's on it...
That's amazing..."
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How to put on your face // Anna Akana

20291 Folder Collection
YSI published on May 7, 2016    YSI translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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