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  • Stay back! Or the ginger nut gets it!


  • You little fucker!



  • Get out of my village!

  • lt's not your village anymore.

  • You did good, kid. Ta.

  • What's your name? Aaron A. Aaronson.

  • Sorry?

  • Angel!

  • (GROANS)

  • lt's over, Danny.

  • lt's over.


  • This really hurts.

  • l'm going to need some ice-cream.

  • Yeah, well, don't worry.

  • There's plenty of ice-cream at the station.

  • lsn't that right, Danny?


  • Stay back!

  • Pack it in, Frank, you silly bastard!

  • Now, now.

  • We don't want any more bloodshed.

  • Frank, this whole thing started because you lost somebody you loved.

  • Don't expect me to believe you'd let it end the same way.

  • l'll tell you how this is gonna end!

  • (GRUNTS)


Stay back! Or the ginger nut gets it!

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