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As the market becomes ever more cut-throat... with stores seemingly opening on every corner
in Korea these days,... convenience stores are turning to novel ways to attract and keep
customers,... offering high tech devices and unconventional services on top of their usual
fare of drinks and snacks. Kim Min-ji reports.
"Convenience stores in Korea are pushing to become more convenient than ever evolving
into so-called "living stores" that cater to the everyday needs of consumers."
The number of convenience stores has more than doubled from just four years ago.
This translates into roughly one convenience store per 2-thousand people.
And it′s growing to become a 12 billion dollar industry.
But with quantitative growth at its peak,... convenience stores are now seeking new sources
of profit by offering a new range of products and customizing stores to meet the individual
needs of customers. "7-Eleven offers diverse products depending
on store locations. In this store, we sell flowers and have imported a French underwear
brand. We′re also planning to offer more products that meet the needs of single-person
households." Non-food products now make up about 17-percent
of 7-Eleven′s sales,... and the plan is to boost that figure to 20-percent, next year.
GS25 another popular convenience store is offering a lineup of tech goods,... from cellphones
and televisions to water purifiers. Some take it to another level... by offering
space to enjoy a cup of coffee or hold meetings. "I didn′t know these rooms existed. I hope
to use one in the future with my friends when I do team assignments."
Customers can reserve these rooms at just one dollar per hour,… along with free WiFi
access, printing facilities and laptop rentals. "We created this space with the purpose of
attracting more customers by offering convenience. People visit our store not just to buy food
but to spend time." By shifting focus from their traditional moneymakers,
like instant foods, towards new goods and services,… convenience stores are striving
to be more than just a quick stop shop. Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.
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Convenience stores expand into non-food products 편의점 영역 확대

1011 Folder Collection
陳瑞亨 published on May 2, 2016
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