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(low tempo music)
- Hello, my friends and welcome to Munich.
- There's so much to explore here like the culture,
and of course the beer gardens.
We have a lot to do, so we're gonna head out now.
- Let's go!
Munich is as fun as everybody says it is.
It is definitely a livelier part of Germany.
Now I'm in Marienplatz.
This is the city enter, the pulse of Munich.
This is where everything happens.
The beautiful architecture, people walking around
from all over the world.
There's some beer gardens near by, so let's go check it out.
(crowd cheering)
- We're headed out into the beer garden area.
It is packed.
It's such a cool environment.
There's music going on, it's just this really
lively, fun atmosphere.
We're eating our traditional German food.
We have bratwurst, a bunch of different kinds
of sausage, tons of meat.
- [Voiceover] These beers aren't just your normal beers.
These are huge litre glasses.
Munich is really interesting.
On one side, it has the jolly, Bavarian beer drinking people
and on the other side, it has a darker history.
Now I'm actually in the place where the Nazi party was born.
Through my walking tour, takes me where Hitler
and all of his cronies planned the takeover
of the German government.
- I just arrived at the Dechau Concentration Camp.
As I'm walking around, I'm just thinking of all
of the prisoners who came through here.
It really makes me appreciate just being able
to walk around here and just be free.
- You'd think that I would be hundreds of miles away
from the nearest German city, but I'm right here
in the heart of Munich in English Park. I love it.
This is a good city park.
I am now in Linderhof.
This is King Ludwig's version of Versailles.
As you can see, it's absolutely breath taking.
This place is incredible.
Munich, we are in love with you.
Thank you so much.
- We have had such a great time.
It has been amazing and we definitely
don't want to leave.
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Munich Germany Top Things To Do | Viator Travel Guide

969 Folder Collection
alex published on May 1, 2016
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