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How to get rid of your flap below your neck is being most common concern.These exercise's
will help you see a tremendous change.Let's start with the warm up exercises.Gently turn
your chin on the right shoulder come to the centre and take it to your left come to the
centre and let's do it one more time.Take it to your right then the centre to your left
and centre now gently tuck your chin and take to your right and gently come in a similar
fashion to your left making a semi circle do it one more time.Gently take to your right
come to your left come to the centre and relax. From this position take your chin to one side
slightly lift your chin up hold this position and gently jutting your chin up to the ceiling
and keep jutting up and down as much as you can and you will be able to see the contraction of your vocal muscles
Now hold the position there and gently open your mouth and close repeat this.
This might look funny but it will work on your extra flab.Try for 10 reps and gently
relax and bring your chin to the resting position.
Now turn your chin to the other side with chin up
Jut your chin.
Hold the position their and open your mouth and close your mouth.
Do this for 10 repetitions.Come to the centre
and gently relax come to the other side chin up jut your chin.
Hold the position their and
open your mouth and close your mouth.
Now stop. come to the centre and relax.
Everyday you can do this exercise and you will see a tremendous change.
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1052 Folder Collection
Nitika Awasthi published on April 28, 2016
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