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Conventions figure most of us desire for nice curve and not the back hanging down.
So to turn your waist your oblique muscles and your abs.
Let's get started
Let's put the stick on the shoulder not on the neck place it gently on the shoulder extend your hands tuck your
hands and shoulders just look straight. Gently bring your right hand forward with out twisting
your head and go back are you ready.Let's go enrol to gentle moments releasing slowly and
smoothly and back 4 5 6. Let's do other set bring your left hand forward and start 1 keep
tight 3 4 5 and stop continue doing this 20 on each side and the next moment would be
side bend for that stand little wider toes widely and tuck your abs back straight and
gently without lifting the stick from your shoulder bent to the right as much as you
can and come back to the standing position again 2 and up and keep your neck totally
relax hold it on dont bend it on a natural way let it go along with your body smoothly
and up down and up down and up and lets do that other side to the left and up focus on
breathing inhale and exhale 3 4 5 and stop the thing to know is when you are bending
please make sure you are not pushing your hips and gently focus on lifting the pushing
the upper body alright dont do the hip push thats it for you continue doing this everything
for 20 times and you will see a tremendous change in your figure.
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2 Best SLIM WAIST Exercises For Women At Home

211 Folder Collection
Nitika Awasthi published on April 26, 2016
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