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Hello friends, I am Niharika and welcome to our new channel. Here you will learn life
skills, communication skills and business skills. So tune into us because we have lots
of sessions for you that would make your life much better.
Well in today's session we are gonna talk about Steve Jobs
Yes, the co-founder of Apple but also known as master presenter. Have you ever got a chance
to see the Apple presentations? They are absolutely amazing. Well yes, Steve Jobs was not just
focused on statistics and technology but was also focused on on communication skills. So
in today's world it's important for our leaders and entrepreneurs to carry on his legacy.
Therefore I am gonna share some techniques, presentation techniques of Steve Jobs so that
you present just like him.
The first thing that Steve jobs totally believed in is expressing your passion. Well, he loved
his products and he was always so enthusiastic about his products. And for the first time
when the I phone was launched, you know what was the first thing that he said with a big
smile on his face? well he said "It's doggone gorgeous" He was so enthusiastic about it
because he loved his products. So it's important for you to add some positive adjectives that
would show your enthusiasm about what you are presenting. so when you are giving a presentation
it's important for you to use words like it's gorgeous, it's amazing , it's absolutely cool
, it's fantastic ! This would make a difference. Because this would show that whatever you
are saying you are very enthusiastic about it and you totally believe in this idea and
therefore you are presenting it. Now, these days audience really gives you a chance to
show your enthusiasm they welcome this enthusiasm because if they are putting in time and they
are here to listen to your presentation then they don't want to get bored. They would like
to hear something new, something creative and something which is extremely amazing.
So go ahead show that enthusiasm in your presentation skills and that would make a difference. Your
audience will listen to you and they would really not go to sleep. So go ahead, believe
in your passion and more than that express your passion enthusiastically.
Another thing Steve Jobs totally believed in was Know your story well. Now when we talk
about presentations its important for us to know our story well which means to know our
content really well. Now this comes with lots of practice and of course scripting your presentation.
You can't be spontaneous with your presentations, if you can be spontaneous then it is a great
thing a great skill but when you are presenting in front of a big crowd in front of so many
people, wouldn't it be better if you are well prepared. So, which means its important for
you to be very comfortable with the words or with the points that you are gonna use
in your presentation. This would show your confidence and this would show that you are
very keen in presenting this. In fact Steve Jobs use to always very meticulously on scripting
and practicing without any visual effects. So he use to go on and on with his presentation
without using slides and finally when the D day arrived his presentations were absolutely
amazing and which we all know about it, right! So, please make sure that you know your content
well, you know your story well and trust me this would really work out for you.
Another thing that Steve Jobs believed in was Don't Sweat on small stuff
Well, usually when people are presenting something there are few mistakes that well end up doing.
Oh Yes, we are human beings! We all make mistakes. But the moment we get nervous and it shows
up on your face, you are calling for attention. So, Steve Jobs totally believed that its not
important to give too much of attention on these minor mistakes, just smile and keep
going. Now , in fact once what happened with Steve jobs was, he wanted to show some photographs
from a live website. So while he waited and the audience were waiting to see the pictures
the screen went black. It didn't bother Steve Jobs at all. What he did was , he just smiled
and said " Well I guess the pictures don't wanna show up this morning" and that's about
it, he didn't get nervous, he didn't lose his confidence he kept going. What he did
was, he recapped all the points that he had already mentioned in his presentation and
that's it, the audience was extremely happy with that presentation. So that's what even
you need to adapt. this technique of Steve Jobs is absolutely amazing. Do not give too
much of attention on minor mistakes,minor glitches, just keep going because if you do
get nervous you will lose your confidence you will go blank and things will not work
for you. So, just ignore them.
Now the most important and the favorite part for Jobs was rehearse, rehearse and rehearse.
Well every intricate presentation that he had to present he would always rehearse for
hours, be it with demonstrations, be it with visual effects and of course with outside
speakers. The first thing that he would do is rehearse the presentation aloud for many
hours. Now why he did so? because he wanted to give his best to his audience. He believed
that if you present well,things are gonna be understood and people will take you seriously.
So very well he use to script his presentations and then many people from apple who have worked
with him had also mentioned that he use to just lock himself in a room and he use to
rehearse his presentations again and again and that too aloud. So the next time you have
a presentation don't just be very over confident, that yes you will be able to do it, well rehearse.
Because such a big personality like Steve Jobs rehearsed as well, so wouldn't it be
nice for you to rehearse it several times so that the best thing comes out of you. Right!
So go ahead ,keep practicing , do it in front of people, do it in front of a mirror. These
things really work. So keep practicing.
That's all from me now , so if you wanna be a master presenter just like Steve Jobs then
go ahead and practice these techniques. Try to build a great connection with your audience
because Steve Jobs audience totally loved him for his presentation skills and if you
want that your presentations should all be enjoyed by each and everyone then follow these
techniques and trust me you will do great. Also do subscribe to our channel because if
you want to work on your skills and come out as a very confident person then do subscribe
because i have lots and lots of sessions for you that would be helpful. I will be back
with a new session soon, till then you take care.
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04 skills to be a master presenter like Steve Jobs - Improve your Presentation Skills.

10256 Folder Collection
Ariel published on April 24, 2016    Yvonne ,Lin translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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