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Dan: Hey guys, Dan here, in Dubai. So, what do you do when it’s 43 degrees outside and
you are sticky hot? You just wanna cool down? I’ll tell what you do, you go snowboarding
in an indoor snow park. Unbelievable.
We’re strapped in and we’re getting ready to hit the slopes.
Oh wow! Look at this little zip line up here. Ha! Look at that. They’ve
got a zip-line, above a snowfield, inside a shopping mall, in the desert.
Seriously, can it get any weirder?
Now this is surreal. I’ve just come from 43 degrees outside,
wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and double pluggers to wearing a jacket, ski jacket mind you,
ski pants, boots, gloves, beanie, and I’m indoors, inside a snowpark, in the desert
of all places. This is, um, this is going to bring a tear to my eye. I’d hate to know
how much it costs to run this every day because, the electricity is on day-in, day-out. Like,
24/7 this place is running, just to keep the snow. Surreal, absolutely surreal.
So if you look across to the left, there’s actually a J-bar running up to the side there as well.
It looks like a J-bar or a poma, so um, we’ll give that a go. That’s actually pretty amazing,
because where that J-bar is, across the left here, is actually where all the shops are.
Um, so you can go up the side and there’s a glass panel or glass window that looks into
the whole shopping center while you’re skiing.
This, is going to be fun. This is epic, seriously.
An indoor ski park, who would have thought of it?
Dan: A-mah-zing, absolutely a-mah-zing. We’ll I’m going to strap in, let’s do this.
Alright, getting some speed. Wooh, so good. I’m snowboarding, in the desert. Ripping
around this little whip down here.
Woah, it gets so icy through that little section there.
Let’s go, let’s go Jared. Haha, so good. Absolutely a-mah-zing. Let’s ski over to
the old t-bar.
I gotta warn you, I haven’t ridden a t-bar or a poma for a long time,
so if I stack, please be gentle. I remember being down in Persia, asking for a rocket
on one of these, hold on to one of these for a while, and then it shoots off. Not like
the old days, it’s a bit smoother down in Persia. I love the fact that there’s just
a shopping center up to my left, come up here, and then, TGIFridays up at the left, maybe
people are having lunch or dinner, having a brewski, while I’m here in minus temperatures
snowboarding. A-mah, zing. Here we go, here’s the first one, I’m gonna fall off one of
these. [Grunting] Oh my goodness, and the second one. This one is a bit worse because
it goes straight up as well. [Grunting] My inner thigh is gonna be so sore after this.
All my legs were bruised up from yesterdays flow rider. It’s a tough job, but someone’s
gotta do it. Taking one for the team.
Alright. Snowboarding in the desert. It doesn’t come
much sweeter. Alright, here we go, gonna traverse across. Gonna whip around this little whip
here. You know it. Cold. Cold. I liked that run actually. Coming from the, coming from
the far left, coming from the far left up here, you come down and whip across onto the
right, and then you come straight down. It’s probably the longest run you can actually
do. [Laughing] I don’t if you can see right behind me in the far distance, the chalet’s
at the top, snow chalet’s in the desert, and down at the bottom, a whole heap of restaurants
and fine dining. This place is insane. If you can dream about it I think it happens
in Dubai. Oh there’s the zip-line; the dude’s loving it, absolutely loving life.
Dan: ah. Someone’s absolutely stacked against the wall down here. You alright? You ok? Wow.
Brave girl. No problem. Wander if they’ve got travel insurance? That little girl just
came streaming down, took a beeline straight for this fence over here. Absolutely smacked
it. A couple little tears, she’s back up, back up to hit it all over again.
You guys get a chance, come to Dubai, check it on your bucket list, even if you only spend a couple
days here on your way to Europe or somewhere, make sure you spend atleast 2 or 3 days here,
there’s so much to be done. Look, you can spend a whole day just at this ski park or
you can just spend two hours and then head off and go do something else, depends how
much you wanna cram into a day or a couple days, but definitely worth giving it a go.
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Snowboarding in Dubai - Ski Dubai | Cover-More Travel Insurance

508 Folder Collection
Zenn published on April 23, 2016
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