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Hey guys, you're about to watch our first 360 video so don't forget to move around your phones to get the full experience.
Ordinary people. Extraordinary abilities. Heroes be born.
Well, that makes me want to tell you guys that I have an ability... (KNOCK ON DOOR) Pizza guy. Do you have five bucks?
Yeah sure... You do? Sweet.
Take five bucks...
Woah.. hey... wait what? Yeah, dude.
Twenty bucks! Pizza money.
Did you see that?
Zach, what was that?
Got us a nice tasty slice of... pepperoni.
Just one slice?
Here we go!
Take a slice
That's insane.
Want a slice? Yeah, sure.
But Zach, the duplication is cool and all but, uh, would you rather just have, you know, one big slice?
Bon appetit boys! Dude, get the cheese off the couch!
Okay that's cool but check this out. Check this out.
What? Your power is printing?
I can take pictures and make it real life.
No! That's AWESOME! You're telling me you can take any picture. -ANY thing. -No.
No. Print Michael. -I can print Michael. Watch this. Here we go.
3...2... Meow!
Dude! That's crazy!
Oh! C'mon. Put your stuff away.
Zach, what a mess!
This is disgusting. -I didn't know you were coming home! - You need to grow up!
Mom! Not in front of my friends.
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Heroes in 360

14301 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on May 22, 2016    陳冠伶 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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