B1 Intermediate US 1983 Folder Collection
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So how does word of mouth marketing work on the Buzzforces referral management
platform? Let's look at Leo, a real Buzzforces customer. Leo runs qwyqr.com, a web
based company that enables small businesses to easily create a mobile
friendly web page.
Qwyqr customers are very happy ...
but Leo has a challenge:
How can he grow faster? He can't recruit an expensive sales force ... and he's already
blown a lot of money on Internet advertising without much return.
Then Leo thought
"My customers love what we do. Wouldn't it be great if I could motivate them to
create a buzz about our service to their network of friends and colleagues?"
So Leo registered with Buzzforces and invited his customers to join his
Ambassador team for free.
Now his Ambassadors simply share the news about the great service they got
with Qwyqr ... and earn a healthy commission every time their referral
results in the sale.
Leo recruited dozens of ambassadors in a few days and Buzzforces manage the whole
package for him.
Janet is one of Leo's Ambassadors. She tells her network about Qwyqr on her
blog, Facebook and Twitter ... and when she meets friends ... and she gets a reward for
every sale she generates. Now that Leo has ambassadors like Janet all over the
country, his business is really taking off.
And he enjoys having a productive relationship with all his Ambassadors.
Thanks for Buzzforces he can inspire, manage and reward his Ambassador team
from one easy to use dashboard.
Best of all, you only pays on results.
Janet enjoys supporting Qwyqr too.
She likes being part of the team.
And with the reward she'll earn this year she intends to take a great vacation.
and also contribute to her favourite charity. In fact, as a Buzzforces Ambassador
she spotted some other referral marketing deals on Buzzforces she'd like
to share with her network. But why is referral marketing so effective?
Well, independent research showed that only fourteen percent of people trust
conventional marketing ...
but ninety percent trust a referral.
Which is why it's great news that Buzzforces has made paid referral marketing
as easy as one-two-three.
One. businesses can recruit and manage an Ambassador community in a few clicks.
Two. Ambassadors can easily recommend and promote offers to their personal and
professional networks.
Three. And building a team of ambassadors and rewarding them is all handled by
Plus it doesn't matter what product or service you offer ... and the power of
referrals applies to marketing consumer products and business services.
In fact
no matter what you're selling, the Buzzforces referral management platform will
boost your business ...
locally, nationally and international.
Try it now at Buzzforces dot com
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Buzzforces Referral Marketing Platform

1983 Folder Collection
Su Kids published on April 20, 2016    Su Kids translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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