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  • HI, I'm Jack Hollingsworth. In this Picture Perfect episode we're going to

  • be sharing with you tips on shooting landscape photography with your iPhone

  • No.1 - Because I so often shoot at both dawn and dusk, I'm almost always shooting with a tripod

  • No.2 - Because of the relative size of the lens

  • to the sensor that fixed f2.2 is like shooting at f22.

  • No.3 - The iPhone has a built-in reflective light meter in can be fooled when shooting

  • directly in to your light sources number for almost all iPhone files can be

  • No.4 - Almost all iPhone files can be improved by adding brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness.

  • No.5 - By far my favorite time of day of shooting is either early morning or late afternoon

  • No.6 - The timelapse feature of the iPhone 6s camera rocks.

  • No.7 - Did you know that you can take up to a 63 MP when you shoot a full panorama with your iPhone.

  • No. 8 - The iPhone 6S has built in optical image stabilization perfect for shooting video with your iPhone

  • No.9 - The editing tools that come bundled with the phone will be more than sufficient for the bulk of your

  • editing needs

  • No.10 - I sparingly used attachment lenses with my iPhone camera when I do it's usually a wide

  • or a super wide angle

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HI, I'm Jack Hollingsworth. In this Picture Perfect episode we're going to

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