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  • How Big Hero 6 Should Have Ended

  • Alright. Let me get this straight.

  • A man in a kabuki mask

  • attacked you with an army of miniature flying robots.

  • Uh huh! Yeah, microbots!

  • Microbots.

  • Yeah and he was controling them telepathically with a nerurocrainal transmitter.

  • I know because I invented it.

  • And this transmitter you made...

  • controls these...

  • microbots?

  • Yeah! It interprets brain waves!

  • Well... couldn't you just use balloon man over here?

  • and uh...

  • Program him to control your whatever microbots?

  • so you can get'em back and we can call this a day?

  • Hiro, would you like me to download the control program of your tiny robot?

  • No wait, Baymax wait!

  • Download complete.

  • Awe really!? I was kinda thinking about turning you into a crime fighting robot.

  • I am now controlling your tiny robots.

  • *smash*

  • What?! What's going on!?

  • Holy catfish!

  • I have apprehended the suspect officer.

  • Callaghan!

  • Awe! but I was so close to my revenge plot on Krei Labs for taking away my daughter.

  • Wait you have a daughter?!

  • Yeah she got trapped in a portal they created.

  • So I was gonna use your microbots to use that same portal to destroy their lab.

  • So you've had the portal your daughter was trapped in this whole time?

  • And you haven't even bothered to look inside to see if she's still alive?

  • and your plan was then to suck up an entire building

  • into that same portal?

  • Making it nearly impossible for her rescue?

  • Well I was really busy with you know my revenge plan...

  • plus I had to make this cool looking Kabuki mask.

  • And I would've gotten away with it too if it wasn't for your darn robot!

  • You are a terrible father.

How Big Hero 6 Should Have Ended

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