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2014 was an impressive year for the Korean economy across a number of sectors, including
foreign direct investment. Thanks to government efforts to attract foreign
investors and new free trade deals, Seoul is hoping to top last year′s record this
year. Song Ji-sun has the details.
Seoul proved to be an attractive investment destination for foreign investors last year,...
thanks to a wider network of free trade deals and government support for direct investment.
According to the trade ministry,... total foreign direct investment came to 19 billion
dollars last year,... up more than 30 percent from a year earlier and topping the previous
record set in 2012. By region, investment from China soared nearly
150 percent to 1-point-2 billion dollars. China′s investment portfolio was diverse
as well,... ranging from resort complexes to cultural contents and fashion.
Investment from the U.S. also edged up, reflecting the economic recovery there,... but the amount
from Japan shrunk due to the weakening Japanese yen.
Foreign direct investment rose across all sectors from manufacturing to services, especially
in parts production and business consulting. The trade ministry said an easing of regulations,
coupled with a boost in investment sentiment following recent FTAs,... encouraged foreign
investors to increase their input in Korea. Seoul is now looking to top the 20 billion
dollar mark in foreign direct investment in 2015.
Song Ji-sun, Arirang News.
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FDI to Korea hits record high in 2014 2014년 외국인직접투자 사상 최고 실적 달성

258 Folder Collection
Max Tsai published on April 13, 2016
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