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The more conscious you are of what you buy,
the more you appreciate the things around you.
I mean, in my mind, the idea
is to have fewer, more valuable possessions.
My name is Otis James,
and I make hats and ties in Nashville, Tennessee.
Hats have always been a passion of mine.
I've worn hats since I was about 14.
I had one hat -- a tweed ivy cap,
took it everywhere, wore it everywhere.
It went with me on all my trips,
until I took it apart to learn how to make another one.
I think knowing where something came from,
where it was made, and who made it,
is what adds richness.
It's important to me that Google make it easier,
especially for people visiting.
They're looking for things to do in a certain area,
you want to show up as a destination.
The more you can control your reach in one place,
the less time you're taking away from actually doing the things
that made your business what it is.
I like getting correspondences when people tell me,
like, I gave your tie to this person and he loves it.
A customer in China who's bought a couple ties and hats,
and sent me -- sent me a picture of him wearing a hat
actually at a -- a barista competition.
That's the kind of stuff that keeps you going every day.
If I could only tell people one thing,
I would want to tell them that we care about what we do.
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Google My Business Stories: Otis James

1722 Folder Collection
Jason Tsao published on April 13, 2016
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