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  • Most people don't start businesses

  • knowing exactly what they're doing.

  • Generally all you have is

  • believing that you can do something.

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  • I'm Bailey Spaulding

  • and I'm Robyn Virball

  • and we're the owners of Jackalope Brewing Company

  • in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • I moved down to Nashville to go to law school.

  • I had this t-shirt,

  • I actually wore it for all of my law school exams.

  • It has a jackalope on it,

  • and it says "Believe in yourself."

  • When everybody thought we were nuts

  • for veering away from what we were expected to do,

  • it became our motto.

  • Taking a leap of faith

  • is the only way that any small business comes to be.

  • I don't think everyone still thinks we're nuts,

  • at least not for wanting to start a brewery.

  • The number one way most people find us online is Google.

  • You type in "Jackalope Nashville,"

  • we're going to be the first thing that pops up

  • on the right hand side,

  • and you have the hours and the phone number,

  • along with directions.

  • We like to have two-way conversations with customers,

  • whether it's commenting on reviews

  • or to respond to some question.

  • It's always helpful to stay in people's ear.

  • When we're looking at where we want to distribute our beer,

  • it's good to know where we have a base of people.

  • I think the most rewarding part of what we do

  • is actually liking what you do,

  • and at the end of it all, there's beer.

  • [ Both ] Cheers!

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