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The number of Wi-Fi devices used at home is exploding.
In addition to laptops, PCs, we now have Smart TVs, tablets,
and smartphones.
And the 4K Ultra HD TV is here too.
It's 4 times Full HD resolution
which means 4 times as much Wi-Fi data transmitted.
We use our wireless gadgets all over the place; in the living room
bedroom, kitchen, garden, or even garage
The number of devices is forever increasing.
Edimax AC - the next generation Wi-Fi technology is ready to keep all of your wireless devices
connected at speeds like you've never seen before.
Edimax AC's blazing wireless speeds in the 5GHz band are
almost 3 times as fast as 11n
and will take your home network to the next level.
It's just faster, stronger, and smoother!
Now everyone can enjoy Ultra full HD movies,
play the most advanced online games,
or whatever else your wireless device wants --
all at the same time, all over the house.
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Next Generation Wi-Fi for 4K Full HD Video Streaming - Edimax 802.11ac

289 Folder Collection
Bobby published on April 12, 2016
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