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You're probably familiar with rats,
because they live pretty much everywhere.
But here are five facts you didn't
know about our furry, rodent friends.
Number one, New York City may have the biggest rat
infestation in the world.
If you haven't seen the hilarious but horrifying videos
of New York rats on YouTube, you're
going to want to check them out.
In one of them, a person is asleep on a subway
bench while a rat climbs up his leg and onto his lap.
NYC has declared a war on rats, and budgeted more than half
a million to an anti-rat program.
Number two, rats can swim up the pipes into your toilet bowl.
It's a rare occurrence, but a frightening reality
in towns with older sewage systems.
Rats can get lost in the pipes and tread
water for days, seeking a way out.
If you ever encounter one in your toilet,
just know that it's very tired from swimming,
and probably won't be aggressive.
But still, I mean, don't touch that.
Number three, there is a Rat Island off the coast of Alaska,
and it used to be full of rats.
In 1780, a Japanese boat shipwrecked
there and a few rats who were on board quickly
overran the native species, including some endangered
birds, like the bald eagle.
But in 2010, the US Fish and Wildlife Service
eradicated the rats on Rat Island.
So now the name is just ironic, and very cool.
Number four, a rat's front teeth can grow five inches in a year.
That's why they're always gnawing on things,
to grind them down.
The teeth can grow fast or slow, depending, on the rat's diet.
And rats don't get cavities because they just
get worn away as the teeth grow.
Number five, scientists say that rats can laugh
and they can dream.
Dr. Jaak Panksepp from Washington State University
says that rats emit a high frequency chirp when
they play together, or when a hand tickles them.
And at MIT, scientists say that's their lab
rats were dreaming of running a maze.
They recognized the same brain wave activity
in sleeping rats that occurred in wakeful rats that
are running a maze.
Have you ever seen a rat in your toilet bowl?
Tell us your story in the comments.
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over to "Life Noggin," a show that educates you on pop
culture, science, art, and history.
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5 Fascinating Facts About Rats

17551 Folder Collection
陳貞吟 published on May 8, 2016    陳冠伶 translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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