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Hello everybody it’s Ray, today I’m gonna show you some cool things I own
So growing up, I believe that we all have that “hoarder” inside of us. We just wanna collect stuff, we wanna catch 'em all
So, today I have some interesting stuff that I own, maybe they’re interesting? I’m not sure…yeah…they’re…
actually I have no idea why you would want to watch this video
But anyway moving along! Let’s jump right into our first contender: water containers
I love to drink stuff, so naturally I love cups that come in all shapes and sizes
And every time it’s Christmas or New Year or just any gift-giving season for that matter, I’m always drawn into giving one of my old cups as a gift
I’ve lost a lot of friends because of this
So, out of the many cups that I own, I have two particularly interesting water containers that I've got for you today
The first one being this, it’s called a memobottle, it’s shaped like an A6 size paper, they’re like A4 size, A5 sizes, different sizes
But it’s shaped like this so that it’s easy for you to store it into your bags, because it’s not cylinder-shaped, it’s flat
And the second interesting cup, is the one that I’m really loving right now, it’s called stojo
It might look like just a plain, regular coffee mug, but there’s something special to it
what you can do with this coffee mug is that, it’s collapsible
Did I do it right? Yup! Okay!
Other than being ultra portable, it’s good cuz it’s durable, it’s leak-proof, and it’s really easy to take apart and clean
Also it feels really good to smash it into its tiny form. So, anytime you feel like you need to vent, you can just do it over and over again
Next up, we have our Elmo
I have a bizarre obsession for Elmo and I talked about this in a previous video, if you’re interested in that, maybe?
Why would you be? I don’t know. If you are, you can click right here to see that video
So, as you can see right here, I’m wearing a Elmo cap and I’m rocking Elmo t-shirt
These are just two out of many wearable Elmos that I have
Other than wearables, I have a ton, literally a ton of Elmo merchandise
I have right here a pencil case, a wallet, I’ve a cup, I think right here, I have something…yeah, this is an earphone plug, can you see it?
Can you see that mini Elmo? (Yeah) It’s saying hello~~~
Hello world~~~
And some fans even picked up on this quirk and hand-made me a Elmo card. Can you see it?
This one is from Yi-Zhen
And then I have a lot of poker cards. So, we’ve got all these standard Bicycle decks
So we have the red one, the blue one, the black one, but the most interesting is this one, this is the reversed color deck
So, this is what it looks like, this Tiger deck, everything is reversed in color, so only black and white
So these decks are all bought when I was in college
Back in the days I was pretty fascinated by magic, so I have these special function cards as well
So these are, double-back cards, and then cards with nothing on them
or even double-sided, double-colored cards, so, they’re different colors
Why did I start magic?
Well, I was told magic brings all the ladies to the yard
Yep! Didn’t happen
Okay, next up let’s look at some stuff that’s…a little bit…more…nerdy?
Should be okay? Are you guys okay with this?
As some of you might know, my first ever video game was Final Fantasy 7 and I love it to bits
And here with me I have the most bad ass villain in the entire Final Fantasy universe, his name is Sephiroth
Look at his silky long hair, he has his famous sword right here, this is called the masume
and this figurine has a lot of moving parts and you can make him into different…cool poses and…
You know, actually, I…
I don’t own this, um, I’m keeping this for a friend. Um, yeah
Moving on, let’s go into some retro devices that I own
Here we have my Gameboy Color, it’s Pokemon theme. And um, yeah, it’s still functional
Actually, let me check out this game right here...
(Hey dude!)
And here I have my first ever Gameboy rom, this is a 90 games in 1 rom
Yes, you did not hear that wrong, this is 90 games in 1 rom
Technology, now we have 1 game and like 90 expansion packs
And here I have my first ever cellphone from Panasonic
This reminds me of the time where I just used this to text and call my friends
actually who am I kidding, I didn’t have any friends back then
This is a flip phone, so you can do this:
(HA, yeah? Do what?)
Uh huh, let me try again, let me try...one...one more, one more shot, one more shot
So you can do this
Bet you can’t do that with your smartphone~~~
And finally let’s end with a high note. This is…
the Bill of Rights
That’s right, they’re rights
Did, did you catch that? (Uh, no…)
Cos right and these are rights. No?
I don’t want to go into the details about where this originates from, I of course am an expert on this, but you just go Google it
I can, however, read the first line for you
We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, en…sure domestic tran…quility
provide for the common deference...(?) promote the general welfare and secure the…be…be…belongings?
This is in cursive, it’s hard to read!
...Constitution for the United States of America!
What does it mean?
Go Google it
So these are the cool things that I own. Hopefully you found this interesting
But to be honest, I really still don’t know why you would want to watch this video
If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up, it helps me out a lot. And if you want to see more, please subscribe right here to my channel
And I also have a Facebook and Instagram account, you can use Ray Du English to search for me
And that is a wrap, thank you guys for watching as always, and I’ll catch you guys next time! See ya! (See ya~~~)
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Cool Things I Own // 阿滴的私藏寶貝們

41314 Folder Collection
Liao Lu published on April 30, 2017    Sh, Gang (Aaron) translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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