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so..i dance to..uh..this new song
that i don't know if you know about this
Gangnam Style
is blowing up all over the place
and you tweet it out about it , right?
alright , if you haven't seen this , we'll show a little bit this video how great this guy is
it's brilliant!
he's fantastic 'cause he made it!!!
i mean..so you tweet it out
you actually tweet it out that you want to learn that dance , right?
so i got..somebody here to teach you than dance
Psy , come on out!
come on
let's him
come on!
show me
it looks easier than it is
but it's like a two and an one , right?
how did you do it?
Phy:uh... Ellen: you have to take your shoes off
you'er gonna do a little bit dance of that
no , this is fine
because .. that ..because ..
my set of this dance is ..
dress classy and dance cheesy , so...
this is nice
let me , by the way
and..can i introduce myself ?
yes , please do
not just dancing
i'm Psy from Korea , how are you ?
Psy , from Korea
we love you
oh..really ?
we love you !
you're ..uh...you're amazing
so the move is like one and two and three and four
one and two and three and four
why don't you try ?
one and two and three and four
and hands gonna be ..soft like this
and bounce like you are riding an invisible horse
bounce like..
and then..goes like this one
so goes..
alright , give me the music
that's it !(applause / screaming)
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Britney Learns 'Gangnam Style' from Psy! [English/Chinese sub. 中英字幕]

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zifeng published on April 9, 2016
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