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Hey everyone! Welcome to this new 2min Japan video!
It's five in the morning and today i'm going to Izu!
Small Notice: I'm so fucking sleepy I forgot to mention I'm going to Atami which is located in Shizuoka, on the Izu Peninsula. Thanks for listening, ready, whatever! Big Kisses!
Yeaaaay, what a beautiful adventure!!
And I look like crap!
Wooo 6:20am, time to go!!
Thank god today is a really warm hot day!
So we came all this way to Atami to see the beautiful Plum Matsuri
Waking up at 5 in the morning to see plums, yeaaay
Everything is so beautiful here! It's so pink!
I know what you guys are probably thinking right now
This guy is really fucking sexy
And are we just gonna be talking about fucking trees for 2 minutes?
We got to see a really nice Geisha Performance!!
Only problem was...
I was too fucking far away
And of course you can't have a 2min Japan video without talking about
Warning: This video contains
After seeing the plum trees we finally could relax
with a really nice footbath
We actually didn't do it!
Had a delicious cup of free tea
We actually did it and I burned my hand
We then headed to the Kinomiya Shrine
to see a 2000 year old tree
Seeing that beautiful majestic tree
I instantly thought about that famous Ghibli movie with the cute characters in the trees, you know:
It's now time to go to onsen
and since you can't film inside, here's a picture of how it looks like
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Japanese Plum Tree Festival Vlog

11650 Folder Collection
Yummy Japan published on June 14, 2016    韓澐 translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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