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Now that we are getting more adventurous with your skiing, something that is going to really help
is to have a really smooth link between your turns.
No hesitation, no tea break, no dead spot. A good skier is always doing something.
so when you are coming round the corner and finishing the turn
we want to see a really fluid link between the end of that turn and then the start of that next one.
A good way to practice this is to put some nice rhythmical turns on down the piste.
Always doing something, there's no hesitation.
Set yourself a challenge. Try to make ten turns in perfect rhythm.
Each turn should feel identical and in control.
Once you feel comfortable with this, move on to some steeper terrain
and even try to increase the number of turns.
So a slightly bigger turn, but the same rules apply.
I'm completing this turn, but I'm already thinking of going into the next one.
Watch my pole plant. It's coming through to help me start the turn with no hesitation.
My arms are in front and I feel relaxed. You can see, I'm always doing something.
Now we've got that working really strong on the piste, let's take it off piste.
So before even going off piste it's really important that you've got the right safety equipment.
An avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel, good first aid kit.
And remember, it's one thing having them in the bag, it's another thing knowing how to use it.
So it's always worthwhile doing a safety course
and practising often,so when it does come, or hopefully it never does,
you'll be able to do it without thinking too much.
And if you are going far away from the piste,
get yourself a guide or an instructor who knows where they are going,
and keep an eye on the weather.
Just use your brain.
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Advanced Ski Lesson #6.3 - Pre Off Piste

396 Folder Collection
alex published on April 7, 2016
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